Xbox Is Partnering With Timi Studios | Surprise For Gamers

Xbox is partnering with Timi Studios

For Gamers, something new is coming for a better experience. Microsoft’s game Studio, the American conglomerate. Xbox is partnering with Timi Studios. 

This time Microsoft is planning a unique style for game lovers. But what is the reason for this collaboration?  

Hence, we have gathered some valuable news about the brand new gaming concepts. 

When Can We Play The Game? 

Recently, both companies “Honor of Kings” and “Call on duty” have completed the partnership. 

According to news sources, they want to create new “game content” but still it’s not when we can play anything from their newly launched products. 

Why did Microsoft Collaborate with Timi Studios?  

In the last few years, “Call on Duty Mobile” crossed 500 million downloads worldwide as a result their mobile platform share is gradually increasing. 

That’s the reason why Microsoft collaborated with Timi Studios. 

Most probably, Microsoft wants to achieve one of the largest platforms in Mobile devices. 

However, we are waiting for a new gaming experience. But can they launch something crazy? That can change the whole gaming experience. Still, we don’t know. Let’s see. 

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Hopefully, you are feeling excited that Xbox is partnering with Timi Studios. 

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