Why Instagram Is The 2nd Most Installed Non-Gaming App

Most Installed Non-Gaming App

Right now, TikTok is booming the industry all over the world. As per the Sensor Tower, it is the most installed non-gaming app however Instagram stands second. After the launching of TikTok people have faced a different kind of content addiction. A short video was not so popular before TikTok but people now prefer short videos mostly.

Last year, India has banned 59 apps including TikTok due to privacy issues. But other countries are not vexed with this application.

Reason Why Instagram Is Behind Tiktok

According to the October, report, TikTok has gained 57 million installations, and Instagram is one step behind on 56 million.

Instagram is the highest installed app in India now, but there is something that reduces the speed of growth as compared to TikTok.

The analysis of audience psychology says,

“Instagram contains mainly image content, however, they have added reels on their platform but this is not the only feature…”

Basically, the objective of Instagram is not capable of gathering only those people who love to see short videos. People share moments on Instagram and that is why the App Known for.

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