Why Does Oximeter Displaying Sketch Pen Oxygen Level?

Oximeter Displaying Sketch Pen Oxygen Level

Have you seen the video that shows an Oximeter displaying Sketch Pen Oxygen Level?

After the pandemic Oximeter has become a must-have instrument for us.

It’s been more than 1 year when the COVID-19 came into our environment till then our ecosystem has imbalanced.

However, your oxygen level will decide how fit you are! All the COVID positive patients are distributed into two segments.

One has a poor Oxygen Level (Hospital Isolation), and another High Oxygen Level (Home Isolation).

But during these circumstances, A viral video has come in the hashtag of COVID-19, where we can see an Oximeter displaying the “Oxygen Level Of A Sketch Pen“.

The video was widely shared on WhatsApp and Facebook. Surprising reactions from the audience are spreading it like a flame by the wind.

Is Oximeter Completely Accurate?

The answer is no. This is an electronics instrument that shows the highest probable value of Oxygen Level in our blood.

According to Dr. Ishan Gupta, Chest Specialist

“If a pen or such any object loosely inserted in an oximeter and its photo sensor is able to detect light, it might show some reading. This does not mean the Oximeter is faulty…”.

In addition, The mechanism tells us the instrument measure Oxygen Level based on the red and infrared light absorption.

How An Oximeter Functions

In the core functioning part of an Oximeter, you can see that there are two major parts- a pair of LEDs (Red and Infrared) and a processor.

Whenever anyone inserts a finger in, it shows the level of Oxygen. And the way it analyzes is simple.

Oxygenated blood absorbs more infrared rays and Non-oxygenated Blood absorbs Red light. Thus, the processor displays a result to us.

Government Opinion About Oximeter

The Indian Government is highly concious about the home Isolated Patients.

Moreover, they advised checking the Oxygen Level 3-4 times a day. That states Oximeter is not a scam.

There could be a slight amount of fluctuation but they are suitable to verify your SpO2 reading.

Oximeter Manufacture’s Opinion

Oximeter manufactures’ stated as per the source,

“…By inserting some object inside the probe, the module will think the finger is inserted and will start searching for a pulse. In this condition, the varying intensity of diffused light falling on the detector can cause a pulsating effect and lead to a reading on the pulse oximeter”

Therefore, there is no fault on the device. The pen is working as an illusion for an Oximeter.

At the end, we wish that you may stay safe and healthy. In this situation, if you need any types of online shopping guidance (Product review, FAQ), we are here to help you.

An Oximeter is a device that measures our blood pressure that means not it must show 100% accurate results.

You can use it for daily checkups. If you still doubting it then go to a doctor’s chamber and check whether the device calibrates properly.

Well, hopefully, that was helpful for you. Hence, without any hesitation use Oximeter to check your Oxygen Level.

Data And Source Provided By: India Today

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