What Is New On Apple Watch Series 7 vs Apple Watch Series 6?

Apple Watch Series 7 vs Apple Watch Series 6

Only Apple users can understand the value of Apple Style. Apple Watch Series 7 vs Apple Watch Series 6 is a hot topic for gadget lovers.

From the start of the journey, Apple was dedicated to its designing, you can easily see the difference between Apple watch series 3, series 4, series 5, and also series 6.

Now, it’s time for the latest version- Apple watches series 7. You guys surely thinking about the brand new advantages. According to a report, Apple is working on better lumination, and performance.

Tracking Features

Apple try to impliment something new and useful in their smartwatches upgradations. Apple watch series 5 has Always-on display, compass, we could check the Spo2 reading on the Apple Watch Series 6.

Now, it’s tough to guess the features of the Apple Watch Series 7 but a rumor was flying that Apple is going to launch the Blood Oxygen Glucose.

But we think Apple will rather focus on the other tracking zones such as Stress monitoring, swimming tracking, etc.


If you look back on the designs of Apple watch you could hardly see change unless focus on the brighter-display. According to the developer team, something newly design is coming on our wrist.

Redesigned Apple Watch is transforming its curved edges to flat edges.

Apple is working on a “new lumination technique” that could be helpful for more closer touchscreen to the top casing.

Battery Life

Apple watch series were not improving notably in the previous versions. Now, in the final watch series 7 Apple promises to offer more than 18 hours battery life.

According ASE technology, Apple watch 7 saves other random functional uses that reduces the battery life.

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