What Are The Unique Qualities Of Microsoft Cloud?

Unique Qualities Of Microsoft Cloud

Few hours before Satya Nadella (Microsoft CEO) shared some unique qualities of Microsoft Cloud. In the modern Digital Era, we go forward but not backward according to the current CEO of Microsoft.

Being an inspirational tech company, Microsoft has been offering us the most useful tech accessories, now Microsoft is offering clouding assets.

Let’s discuss what’s useful in the Microsoft Cloud.

A recent tweet of Microsoft CEO says,

“Our Ambition is to foster foundational innovation that creates entire ecosystem”.

Microsoft Clouding Structure

The company has developed the structure into 6 main categories. Such as-

  • Microsoft work
  • Business Application
  • Infrastructure
  • Digital And App Innovation
  • Data And AI
  • Security

Microsoft cloud gives the power to build digital empathy with independence and sovereignty.

Secondly, they are emphasizing trust and security. And the best part is integration. Microsoft cloud is serving the technology stack while offering openness in their system.

As per the statement, Microsft is dedicating the best comprehensive business model across the cloud service system.

Moreover, there are many useful solutions offering by computing-

  1. Microsoft Cloud For Retail
  2. Microsoft Cloud For Healthcare
  3. Microsoft Cloud For Nonprofit
  4. Microsoft Cloud Financial Services
  5. Microsoft Cloud For Manufacturing

Therefore, we can say that Microsoft is helping the topmost industries, right now in our society. Hence, it’s time to how the user reacts overtime on the basis of the experience.

Here is the tweet where Microsoft cloud specialties from Satya Nadella,

Hence, that’s all guys. Let us know if you have used the Microsoft could service. We love to hear from you.

Now, you tell us, Are the unique qualities of Microsoft cloud seemed interesting for you? What are the positive and negative points?

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