How To Use Omron Blood Pressure Monitor

Blood Pressure is one of the most important factors to check the condition of your heart. On this page, we are going to know how to use Omron blood pressure monitor to stay healthy.

Omron is one of the best FDA, certified brands for blood pressure monitoring and biometric tracking.

How To Use Omron Blood Pressure Monitor (HEM 7124, HEM 8712)

To get accurate results from the blood pressure monitor, we need to follow some steps before starting tracking the measurements. 

  1. Don’t walk or exercise before 30-40 minutes of the checkup 
  2. Sit comfortably on a chair with back support 
  3. Don’t put your leg or hands across each other 
  4. Skip talking on before the checking 10-15 minutes 
  5. Try to avoid high impulsive thoughts (overthinking, tension) 
  6. Don’t drink alcohol or caffeine 

Walking, jogging, and running will automatically increase your normal blood pressure level. 

Talking, remembering anything exciting, drinking Brandie, tea, and coffee increase blood pressure rapidly. 

Therefore, it would be hard to take blood pressure measurements accurately.  

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Hence, it’s crucial to avoid these activities and sit on a chair in a normal and calm mood. 

Being calm and comfortable your heart will pump at its normal rate.

At that time the blood pressure of your body is considered the original blood pressure inside the arteries. 

Step-by-step Guide To Use Omron Cuffs Blood Pressure Monitor

Steps Before Checking Blood Pressure 

Sit Comfortably With A Support 

As mentioned earlier, you need a comfortable poster to become stress-free and relaxed.

Thus, your blood pressure will appear in Its actual state. 

Don’t Sit By Crossing Legs 

Sitting comfortably does not mean that you can change your positioning in a casual manner. 

Sitting with cross legs may cause pressure in the arteries and veins. 

That will create an abnormal flow of blood inside your body. 

Place Your Arm On The Table Where The Palm Must Be Upward 

Don’t try to hold the arm up from the table anyway. 

Place the arm on the table. And the palm must not be downwards. 

Put On The Cuff On The Upper Arm(Left) 

Now, it’s time to wear it to start the checking. 

It’s better if you wear the cuff on the upper left arm. 

Here is a reason why doctors recommend the left hand for blood pressure detection. 

Don’t Put The Cuff On Fancy Clothes 

Blood pressure is harder to detect as compared to Spo2, stress, or HR rate. 

That’s why you should avoid any objects that could lead to fluctuations in results. 

The bare upper arm is the best place where you can place a blood pressure cuff. 

Adjust Cuff Perfectly 

Adjusting the cuff is the last step before starting to track the readings. 

You can see an arrow on the cuff belt. It should be located on the biracial arteries and 1-2 inches away from the elbow. 

It should not be too tight; at least 2 fingers can be inserted. 

Make Sure The Checking Upper Arm Is Parallel To Heart 

Anything upward or downward causes fluctuating results.

During checking Blood pressure, the upper arm with the cuff must be positioned parallel to the heart. 

Don’t Twist And Rub The Air Pipe 

The air pipe plays the role of checking and bringing signals to the digital blood pressure monitor. 

If you put obstacles by twisting and rubbing the pipe it may face difficulties. 

The inflection and deflation of the air pressure work perfectly while the air pipe is in the proper position. 

Insert The Air Plug Into the Monitoring Device 

After completing the previous steps, plug in the air plug in the digital machine of Omron. 

Press The Start/Stop Button 

After that press the start button and wait for 30-50 seconds. 

The cuff will be inflating. You will feel pressure on your upper arm. 

Remove The Cuff After Deflating 

While the cuff becomes loose and starts deflating remove it.

Now, it’s time to check the readings on the screen.  

Checking Readings On Screen 

To check and understand the blood pressure on the digital screen you need to know about 3 different terms. 

According to CDC.Gov,

Systolic Blood Pressure is what we measured in arteries when the heartbeats.

And, Diastolic Blood Pressure is the measurement of blood pressure in arteries when the heart rests between beats.

According to the Cleveland clinic, Pulse Rate is the beats of the heart per minute. The normal rate of Pulse is 70-100 beats per minute (ages 6-15), and 60-100 beats per minute (for adults).

Check how to check the pulse rate at home.

What Is The Normal Blood Pressure?

According to WebMD, there are specific ranges of blood pressure.

The normal blood pressure of a human is less than 120 diastolic, less than 80 Systolic. Check different ranges of blood pressure with hypertension levels.

How To Use Omron Ultra-silent Blood Pressure Monitor?

In this case, the user should follow the steps mentioned before checking blood pressure.

Now, let’s start the process of checking blood pressure-


Sit comfortably in a chair, sitting your back straight. Your feet must be flatted on the floor.


Put the cuff inside of your wrist; 1/2 inches away from the wrist bone.


Press the start/stop button and wait.


The monitor will measure the level of your wrist and the level of your heart.


Pull your wrist upwards by putting the elbow on the table.


There will be 2 types of indicators on the screen:- Red and Blue. Red indicates the wrong height, and blue tells the accurate height of the wrist.

The meter appears blue when the wrist and the heart appear in parallel positions.


While the blue indicator would be indicating, hold the wrist until the cuff automatically deflates.


Now, you can put down your wrist on the table and watch the readings on the screens.

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