How To Use Fossil Smartwatch App? (Start To End Guidance)

If you are using Fossil Smartwatch then you must know how to use the Fossil smartwatch app? As a watch lover, we can say that Fossil has the ability to give you smartness with elegance.

Fossil is twice focused on both gender accessories- fossil watches for men and Fossil women’s watches are worldwide famous.

After taking a Fossil Smartwatch your first task is to install the App of Fossil. After that you have to connect the app with your Fossil watch thus you can track and monitor your activities.

Here we are talking about the fossil Hybrid Smartwatches App recommended by Official Fossil.

There is also another Fossil Fitness App called Fossil Q Legacy, we will discuss the uses of this app later.

Fossil Hybrid Smartwatch App allows us to track steps, calories, sleep, other pre-set goals, and so on. In addition, you can customize the watch’s date, time, music playlist, and fitness goals.

Well, Let’s dive into the main topic where we will the step-by-step process to use the Fossil Hybrid application.

Fossil App Installation Process

If you are struggling to figure out how to install the Fossil smartwatch App on your smartphone then the following steps will solve your problem. Fossil Hybrid App is easy to find and install. If you using iOS-based then go to the Apple App store and for the android Google store Play store. After that-

  • Go to the search bar of your app store and type Fossil Hybrid App
  • And Then Click On “Fossil Hybrid Smartwatches, Fossil Group, inc.”
  • Then tap on the install button
  • After installing the app, click on open
  • At last log in the using email/Facebook/google
  • The App is initially ready to use
Sign Up on Fossil App Using Google or Facebook

Most time we prefer to use email but now with google play protection, you are safe to log in via Facebook or Google. It will set up your Profile photo and Name automatically.

Which Are The Fossil Smartwatch App Name For Smartphone

Fossil has several apps like- Skagen Hybrid Smartwatch App, Misfit, and Dieselon but Fossil Hybrid Smartwatch App Is the best with Fossil Smartwatches

What App Does Fossil Smartwatch Use?

Fossil Smartwatch App means the Fossil Hybrid smartwatch app is used to track and process fitness data from Fossil Smartwatch.

Profile Setup

In the first step, you have to set up your profile to get personalized data for your health.

To set up the profile in the Fossil App in-

Edit Profile
  • Go to the profile section of the section at the right bottom corner
  • Select The Profile Section
  • And Click On the Edit icon
  • And Fill in Your Details such as First name, last name, gender, height, weight
  • At last click on save
edit Height And Weight | How To Use Fossil Smartwatch App

Note: The height and weight can be set at the beginning of the Sign-Up. If you skip then you can set it up later too from the profile settings.


Before using the Fitness App you need to pre-set all the settings below the profile section. Here are mainly 5 sections in the settings tab.

  1. Set goals
  2. Preferred Units
  3. Connected App
  4. OPT-In
  5. Help
  6. About
  7. Pair Your Watch
  8. What’s New Features

Set Goals

In the goal settings section, you will get 4 categories as- Steps, Calories, Sleep, and Number of goal tracking per day.

Based on the requirements as well as suggestions, you can set your targets and set the ultimate goals. Note: Our best suggestion is not to exceed or reduce any limits.

After settings the goals, and recording activities, users can check the performance in analytics on Home Page. During workouts, users will get notifications after completing the goals.

Preferred Units

Set your preferred units from scratch. There are mainly four parameters height, weight, distance, and temperature. Set your routine and estimations units.

2 Main sections are available for the preferred section-

  • Body
  • Environment

In the case of the body, users have two options to select- Height, and Weight. Both are respectively calculated using 2 different unit types- Centimeter(CM), Foot(FT),; Kilogram(KG), and Pound (LBS).

edit Height And Weight

In the case of the body, users have two options to select- Height, and Weight. Both are respectively calculated using 2 different unit types- Centimeter(CM), Foot(FT),; Kilogram(KG), and Pound (LBS).

On the other hand, Distance, and weather updates can be found in 2 different unit types. Kilometer(KM), Mile(Ml) for distance, and Celcius(°C), Farehnite(°F) for temperature.

Connected Apps, OPT-IN, Help Section, About

In the connected app section, you can connect other apps like google fits. By connecting to Google Fit users can get access to various sources to increase their understanding of fitness progress.

To connect with Google Fit users need to Sign in from the same Google account of Google Fit.

In the OPT and help section, Fossil Hybrid App asks users to give access to notifications-

  • Receive Occasional Emails Notification
  • Share My Data To Improve App

Users get occasional fitness guides, App updates, and the latest updates about the fitness industry in “Occasional Emails Notifications”.

On the other hand, Share My data is a section where Fossil asks you to share your fitness data to the app that will recommend you better suggestions.

Using the “Help” section, users can get access to the FAQ, Repair Center, Email, Live Chat, and Call-us of the Official Fossil smartwatch brand.

The “About” section of the Fossil Hybrid App is simple to access. If you want to read and explore the Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, and Open Source License, you must visit here.

What To Do When Fossil Smartwatch Is Not Paring With App?

Due to low-frequency transfer and disturbance, smartwatches face difficulties to pair with smartphones. Reduce the distance, or check the Bluetooth version and compatibility.

Why My Fossil Smartwatch App Is Not Working

If you see any disturbance in the Fossil Hybrid Smartwatch App, you can check the internet connection, update the App version, or restart the phone.

What Are The Fossil Smartwatch App For Android

From Fossil Group of INC represent Misfit, Skagen Hybrid Smartwatch App, Fossil Hybrid Smartwatch, And Dieselon are freely available on App stores.

Pair Your Watch

To pair your Fossil watch with Fossi Hybrid App you need to follow a few simple steps-

  1. Visit the settings section
  2. Click on the “Pair Your First Watch
  3. Click on the continue button at the bottom of the page
  4. Enable Location Permission based
  5. Choose preferences between Share location only while using app / only time
  6. Click on the continue button
  7. Make sure you enable Bluetooth on your Smartphone and Smartwatch
  8. After Finding the watch Click on Continue For Final Paring
  9. The Fossil watch is connected now

What’s New Feature?

In the settings section, users will get a button with a Gift symbol. By clicking here one can learn about the facilities of different Fossil App versions. Now, in the Fossil Hybrid App section, we have 8 versions available to use.

  1. Fossil Hybrid Smartwatch App 5.0.0 (Latest)
  2. Fossil Hybrid Smartwatch App 4.9.0
  3. Fossil Hybrid Smartwatch App 4.8.0
  4. Fossil Hybrid Smartwatch App 4.7.0
  5. Fossil Hybrid Smartwatch App 4.6.0
  6. Fossil Hybrid Smartwatch App 4.5.0
  7. Fossil Hybrid Smartwatch App 4.4.0
  8. Fossil Hybrid Smartwatch App 4.3.0

Understand The App Interface

Well, after completing the setup, it’s time to understand the interface. In the bottom section, you can see 5 different sections. Home, challenge, customization, alerts, and Profile.


Now, let’s discuss how to operate the home section in Fossil App?

In the home section, you can track the results of steps, calories, sleep, heart rate, and goal settings.

Users are capable to check the performance daily, weekly, and also monthly basis.

In the challenge section, you can set your challenge. And the customize section you can customize your Fossil watch’s date, time, and goals.

In addition, users can connect to their smartphone to access GPS, Music, Social Media Notification, reply to calls, messages, etc. After paring the smartwatch users take on sports and challenges in the 2nd option of the navigation, Called “Challenge“.

In the alert section, you can get notified with important reminders and notifications.

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Fossil Hybrid Smartwatch Review

Fossil creates classic features in their watches. In the Fossil smartwatch Hybrid App, we have high-end connectivity with smartphones.


Play Store Downloads1,000,000+ 
BrandFossil Group, Inc.
Required OSAndroid 5.0 and Above 
Storage 41.73 MB
Release DateOct 22, 2015
Permissions Requirement Camera, Call Logs, Phone, SMS, Storage, Location, etc. 

Fossil Hybrid HR is quite a simple, smart, and easy-to-use smartphone application. About 42 MB storage is pretty much good with a fitness tracking app. Android 5.0 or above is also a reason for satisfaction for users.

User Experience(UX) And Advantages

Smoothness Good
Layout ShiftingGood 
ReliabilityCan Be Better 
Storage 42 MB
Battery Power ConsumptionLow 
Fitness AdvantagesExcellent(steps, calorie, HR rate, Sleep, sports modes)

Fossil has focused on the UX of the application where smoothness, Layout shifting are pretty good and hassle-free. However, readability can be improved in a few areas.

After several days of testing, we can say that Battery Power consumption and Mobile data are low enough.

Most importantly Fitness advantages are on the pick- Users are available to check steps, calories, sleep, HR rating, Active Minutes, etc. In the challenge section, we are free to take interesting, and motivating targets to achieve.

The fitness section gives us the opportunity to check overall growth or improvement of health due to particular activities.

That’s all guys. If you have anything to ask you can ask in the comment section below.

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