How To Use Apple Watch? | A Complete Guidance

From the beginning of the journey, Apple has been one of the greatest Smartwatch brands. There are tons of quality smartwatch brands but few are as successful as Apple.

Samsung, Fitbit, Amazfit, Xiaomi, Garmin are the other well-known brands but apple has its’ own dominant reputation.

As an Apple user, you might have purchased an Apple Watch, and that is the reason why you are seeking the procedure of using the Apple Watch.

Only iPhone users will understand the simplicity of Apple’s functions.

Similarly, the Apple watch is quite smooth and easy to use. All the functions are integrated in a way that users can operate them as quickly as possible.

On this page we are sharing the start-to-end uses of the Apple Watch in terms of notifications, control center, change watch face, use Apple pay, respond to messages, and so on.

Table Content:

  1. Turn On, Off, Call For Help On Apple Watch
  2. Open Control Center
  3. Use Siri
  4. Open Dock
  5. Change Watch Faces
  6. View Notifications
  7. Returned To Last-Used App
  8. Respond To A Message

Guide To Use Apple Watch Features

Turn On, Off, Call For Help On Apple Watch

During emergency period, it’s tough to pick your phone and call some. But an Apple Watch can rescue you from this situation. In that case, the emergency SOS features will help you.

To use the call for help section, you just need to press and hold the side button, and it will show three options on the screen Turn On, Medial Id, and Emergency SOS.

Here, you can select your preferable option by touching the screen.

Open Control Center

If you want to go to the control panel what you need to do is just touch and hold the bottom of your screen, and a slide will open then swipe it up.

Then you will have the multiple settings options in the control center. Using swipe down of the watch face or pressing the digital crown you can turn off the control center.

Use Siri

If you want to use Siri instead of swiping, and tapping on the screen then press the digital crown, and say “Play My Hip-hop Playlist”.

And you have your favorite beats. After using an app if you want to go back to the watch face press the digital crown.

Open Dock

If you want to access the all recently used app in the Dock press the side button from any screen. The recent app interface will pop-up.

Change Watch Faces

This one of the most favorite features of Apple Watch users. If you want to get a fresh look at your apple watch then you change the watch using one touch.

To change the watch face, just swipe left, or right from the side edge of the screen. Moreover, you can add your saved watch faces.

What you just need to do is touch and hold in the center of the watch face, and all the way swipe left. And there will option to add watch faces for you.

View Notifications

If you want to check your notifications on your Apple Watch just swipe down from the top and scroll through. This feature helps will help you to stay away from your smartphone.

On the other hand, sometimes you may delete the notification, in that case, swipe left the notification and select the ‘X’ button.

Returned To Last-Used App

Sometimes, we want to use the recently used app in our Apple Watch. If you want to access the recently used app quickly just double click the Digital crown button. It will bring you to the last used app.

Respond To A Message

If you want to respond to a message in your smartphone.

  • To reply to it, raise your wrist to see the notification
  • Then scroll using the digital crown
  • There will be some quick option for you to reply
  • Select the emoji
  • The Will Be Sent

Imagine of sitting somewhere, and you phone is in your pocket. Suddenly, a notification has vibrated in your phone. To reply the message, you have to stand up, open the phone, then type, and answer. But thanks to the short reply feature.

In conclusion, Apple watch has a great ecosystem in the App, the in the fitness integration also.

Use the advantages to get fit, healthy, and smart. Do you still have any questions? Then knock us on our Email, we will be happy to solve your query.