How To Clean Fossil Smartwatch? (Step By Step Guide)

We wash our clothes, dishes but do clean your wristwatch weekly? Especially when you are using watches like Fossil. There is a chance that you might forget to clean it because most of the watches are designed with jewelry straps. On this page, we have shared How To Clean Fossil Smartwatch?

If you look at the fossil smartwatch accessories you will see fossil is different than other watches in terms of design, and its’ variety. Hence, you have to follow some specific steps to keep your Watch clean.

Now, according to fossil watch care, and users’ experience you have to follow the steps carefully to clean your Fossil Watch without any damage.

  1. Process Of Cleaning Fossil Jewellery Strap
  2. Process Of Cleaning Fossil Leather Strap
  3. Cleaning Display
  4. Why Cleaning Watch Strap Is Important Sometimes

Process Of Cleaning Fossil Jewelry Strap

It seems like a lot of tasks but we will make it easy for you. To complete the process of cleaning you have to have collected the following items-

  • A Bowel
  • Soft Brush
  • Cleaning Gell
  • Warm Water
  • Cotton or Tissue Paper

Now if possible it is safe to de-assemble the strap from the watch however you can wash the watch strap while attaching it to the watch.

Ingredients to wash fossil watch

De-assemble The Strap From The Watch

Now, you have to detach the strap from the watch. Because the dial and the display must not deserve any demurrage.

Wash It With Mild Soapy Water, And Soft Brush

We recommended using anybody spray, or remover. Use mild soapy water and rub the chains using a soft brush. Make sure you are not using rough brushes as it causes stretch on your designs.

Carefully Clean The Dial Using Wetty Soft Cloth

Around the dial the whole technical instruments the placed. No matter if you have a water-resistant watch. Clean the dial, and the display carefully.

Dry It Using Tissue Paper Or Cottons

After washing dry it using Tissue Paper. Here focus on the designs, and rub gently. Sometimes you can see white watermarks on the designs. Don’t worry use one more piece of paper and rub it. The watermarks will be removed.

Process Of Cleaning Fossil Leather Strap

To wash leather straps of Fossil all the above steps are the same for lather straps but at the end, you have to condition the leather strap with the leather conditioning or leave it in the open air for 15 minutes.

Cleaning Display

Use a Cartridge Paper To Clean The Moisture, And Dart

Here you have to clean the watch strap with cartridge paper. Using the paper, you have to clean the moisture, dust from the curve between the chains. It’s crucial before using water or any type of chemical.

Let’s zoom in to take a summary of the process,

cleaning Fossil Watch

Why Cleaning Watch Strap Is Important Sometimes

Almost every watch brand promises to give skin-friendly straps but conditions are applied. If you use a particular watch regularly then you must maintain the watch weekly.

Otherwise, you may have some fungal infection on your wrist. On the other hand, the watch strap may appear dull that may spoil your impression.

Only rubbing tissue paper is not enough, you need to care for it for more than 30 minutes. Some of our, once confessed that he had been able to keep Fossil HR Watch brand new for more than 3 years.

I and my friends were surprised after watching the watch.

In conclusion, care your watch to care your skin. That’s it, guys. Keep your watch clean and fresh and stay healthy.

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