How To Charge Fossil Smartwatch?

There is no specific difference between charging a smartwatch and A Smartwatch like Fossil. However, we have bought some easy-to-understand steps to charge a fossil smartwatch.

Previously, Fossil only comes in wired charging but now we have multiple charging options to get access.

Steps To Charge Fossil Watch (Including Fossil Gen 5, Gen 6 Variations)

The fossil represents the basically two types of a smartwatch in terms of display-

  • Digital
  • Analog

Here we are going to talk about the digital Fossil smartwatch that comes with a magnetic charging dock and USB connector.


To charge a Fossil Smartwatch,

  1. Connect the USB cable with an adaptor
  2. Identify the back of case of the watch to place the magnetic deck
  3. Take the deck and gently touch it with the back case
  4. The magnet will keep attatch the charging deck to the watch
  5. Now plugin and turn the power on from the electric supply
  6. At last, place it on a table or charging hanger
Charging Fossil Watch Wirelessly

Now, how do you figure out whether the smartwatch is charging or not! Well, it’s pretty much simple that we are giving in this passage below,

How Do I Know If My Fossil Watch Is Charging!

After charging in the smartwatch users will be able to see the charging icon on the display that shows the device is on charging mode.


To charge a digital Fossil smartwatch or more accurately Fossil HR Smartwatch you have to replace the battery as it contains a rechargeable coin cell or button cell.

This is the process of the official Fossil Smartwatch YouTube Tutorial to replace an HR smartwatch battery,

Important Things Must Avoid During Charging A Smartwatch (Gadgets)

If the smartwatch battery is rechargeable then there are certain conditions that a user should follow to keep a secondary cell healthy. 

One of the previous articles we have shared is to keep a smartwatch battery healthy.

Here, we are going to know the magnetic charging mistakes for smartwatches. 

The following steps will help us to get the maximum advantage of magnetic charging without harming any technical mechanism.

Don’t Use The Smartwatch During Charging 

Earlier, we have shared this point where we have learned that operating a smartwatch or gadget is an unhealthy practice during charging mode. 

After plug-in, the smartwatch batteries are to start the chemical reaction to restore the energy again. 

If a user tries both to operate the smartwatch and charge then two types of functions are operated at the same time temperature of the batteries will naturally increase. 

It is because of the simultaneous multiple operations in the lithium battery cells. 

In that case, you can read about the Causes why smartwatch batteries drain fast

Avoid Charging Using Non-Branded Adaptors 

Adaptors play a vital role in the charging of electronic gadgets.

It has always been a good practice if you use a relevant branded adaptor for the smartwatch. 

Such as- Apple watch only uses Apple Watch Adaptors, Fossil adaptors for Fossil Watches. 

By neglecting this practice you are inviting bigger battery life issues for your wearable friend (smartwatch). 

There are lots of factors you should follow to maintain the battery life. 

The same rule applies to the USB cable also. 

Let’s make a solution to this problem- 

Problem: Users often used to forget the charger /adaptor, given by their smartphone or smartwatch brand. 

As a result, they use non-branded adaptors that used to come near in hand.

It causes serious problems in the battery life of smartwatches. 

Solutions: To keep the adaptor always with yourself you can use a small handbag, it will fit in any type of bag such as a gym bag, purse, suitcase, trolley. 

The trick is to keep it in all the time even if you are at home.

Just keep the charger in the small bag or wallet and put it in the bag that you often carry outdoors. 

Never Apply Wired And Wireless Charging All At Once (Waste Of Energy) 

If you apply both chargings at the same time – wireless or wired at the same time it will end up with nothing but a waste of energy. 

Technically, a smartwatch or smartphone can only be charged using one method at a time either wired or wireless. If you connect the USB wired charger first it will neglect the magnetic or wireless one. 

However, there are some smartphones that come with two battery setups and you can charge both of them at the same time. 

It’s Better To Keep Away From Other Metallic Instruments 

A wireless charger creates magnetic fields around the smartwatch back case where the battery is placed. 

Now, the question is why you should keep other metallic instruments away during charging!

Basically, the magnetic field around the smartwatch covers a finite range of radius.

If you put something near or attach some metal to the charging deck and smartwatch it may reflect some magnetic waves away from the device. 

However, the impact is comparatively low in that case. 

Best Chargers For Fossil Smartwatches

1. Fossil Gen 4 / Gen 5 Rapid Charger

Fossil Wireless Charger


  1. 24 Hours Battery Life based on usage facility
  2. In case of emergency, get 2 days of low power mode
  3. Rapid charging: 80% in 1 Hour
  4. Supported Models: Gen 4 Sport, Gen 4 Explorist HR, Gen 4 Venture HR, Gen 5 Carlyle, Gen 5 Juliana

2. Soarking

It basically comes in white and black variations. Soarking is compatible with Fossil Gen 5/5E, Fossil Gen 4; Type A USB.

Not compatible with Fossil Gen 3, Gen 2, Michael Kors.


  1. Near About 5 Feet Cord
  2. Fast Charging (Full In 1 Hour)
  3. It is focused for compatible devices and best offering for it

3. Buluoto


  1. Like Previous devices, Fossil Gen 5, Gen 4, Skagen Falster 2/3 in wear OS 2.6
  2. It comes with a holding charging attatchment
  3. Rapid charging

Interesting FAQ

Why My Fossil Smartwatch Is Fully Charged But Still Not Working

If the battery icon is showing fully charged and still you can’t turn on the watch or get access to it for only a few minutes then there might be a serious problem with the battery of the smartwatch. 

In analog Fossil smartwatches, you need not worry about it as they are not rechargeable but for Digital Fossil (non-HR models) you have to replace the battery.
To replace the battery in a fossil watch you can visit the nearest Fossil stores or Order online and assemble it at home. 

In the case of Fossil watches, we generally found CR2430 batteries which used to come around $1.2 to $2.3. 

How Many Months Can I Leave My Fossil Watch After A Battery Is Dead?

There should not be any mechanical damage in any watch if the battery is dead however after death or damage of the lithium-ion batteries, it would not be a wise decision to leave it there inside the watch. 
If you don’t want to use the watch then you can pull out the battery and leave the watch. 
To prevent any type of damage you can put it in a tiny box with soft cushions. 

How Do You Fix A Fossil Watch Battery At Home?

Most often users get confused when it comes to changing the batteries of an expensive smartwatch. 

Well, it does not take expert-level knowledge to replace a smartwatch battery.  

It takes some basic instruments that will be easily accessible. 

Here is the Process of charging batteries in a smartwatch at home.