How Do I Keep My Smartwatch Screen On? Trackers Display Settings

Sometimes, finding settings seems terrible but you can solve it the following step by step guide, where we have included Several mostly used fitness trackers, and smartwatches. If you are disturbing and searching for the solution – How Do I Keep My Smartwatch Screen On?

Then we are happy to inform you that you are in the right page, generally, to turn on smartwatch screen on you may have to press the digital crown(Apple watch), Side Button(Fitbit), or just simply tap on the screen.

Amazfits Watch Always On Display Settings

The development of the Amazfits watch is flexible enough to operate. There are 2 types of Always-on display Digital Dial, and Pointer Dial. To turn on/off Always-On display on Amazfit GTS or Other variations also-

  1. Swipe Up From The Bottom Of The Display
  2. Now From The Navigation Menu Click On Settings
  3. There Is Will Be Always-On Display Option
  4. Click The Always-On Display Feature
  5. On The Screen There are 2 Options
    • Digital Dial
    • Pointer Dial
  6. Select The Preferred Option
  7. Click On the check mark bellow the settings description

Now you can use your Amazfit watch with having always-on display mode.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Always On Display Settings

Samsung puts typical settings that users can easily get the features. Here we are taking Galaxy Watch 4 as an option. To Enable Always-On Display settings-

  1. Swipe Down Top Bar
  2. Beside Several Apps There Will Be An Watch Icon
  3. Click On The Watch ICON
  4. The Always On Display Feature Is Enabled Now
  5. To Turn Off The Feature Just On ICON To Deselect It

On The Galaxy Watch, 4 is always-on display works smartly to save battery consumption. The display turns on always but in lower brightness, if you pull up the hand to see the watch the brightness will automatically increase.

Apple Watch Always On Display Settings

Apple has enabled the always-On display feature on Apple watch series 5, and later versions. Now, let’s check how to enable the always-on display option-

  1. Press Digital Crown Button To On The Screen
  2. Then Tap On Settings
  3. Scroll To The Display, And Brightness Option
  4. After That Select Always-On Option
  5. To Back On Home Screen Press Crown Button
  6. Your Apple Is Enabled To Always-On Display Features

You can do this using a watch App on your iPhone also.

Fitbit Always On Display Settings

Fitbit has an awesome feature to its always-on display feature, you can customize the display elements on the basis of your requirement. It explains the settings we are taking Fitbit Versa 2. To Turn on the feature-

  1. Press The Left Button Of The Watch
  2. Then Slightly Swipe To The Left
  3. Tap On Setings
  4. Scroll Down To Find Always-On Display Settings
  5. Once You Find It Click On It
  6. Right On There Just Tao Once On The Option
  7. Then The Always-On Display Option Will Be Enabled

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