Must Known Points Before Buying A Fitness Tracker

Before buying a fitness tracker, it would be confusing to choose the very product that will fulfill your demands within a suitable budget.

Unless having decent knowledge one can not find their necessities. To solve your problem we have shared this representation.

On this page, we will discuss the negative and the positive points that you must consider before clicking the Buy Now button.

Before jumping into the detailed topics lets see the list to be considered:-

Table Of Content:

  1. Negative Points
  2. Steps To Be Considered
  3. Frequent Queries Related To Fitness Tracker 
  4. Online Buying Guide Of A Fitness Tracker 
  5. Conclusion

#. Negative Points

Overwhelming On Fancy Product

For the effect of digitalization, branding has become more attractive. People often used to buy poor quality but high in outlook products.

It should be remembered that no brand wants to spoil its reputation but sometimes their experiment or service would not suit your personality as well as requirement.

Hence, the first step should be not to choose anything depending on its outlook. Firstly you must consider the positive points discussed in the section below.

If those match your criteria then you may think about how it looks with a blazer or T-shirt.

Consider The Price Only

There are so many quality brands as Fitbit, Xiaomi, Fossil, Samsung, and Apple. And it offers comparatively higher quality electronic wearables.

Since, the higher the price the better it would be, right! Yes, this statement stands in 1st place in the victory stand.

Still, it is not the key phase that should be considered for all.

Maybe, you are not willing to spend more than Rs.5000($68.35 Approx) or else.

If you in the budgeting mood then we will strongly recommend you consider your necessity.

Analyze, why you need the fitness tracker? How do you want to use that?

In that case, go through the description of “How Much Should I Spend For Fitness Tracker? ” in this article below.

Lack Of Research

It is our tendency to be conscious about the star ratings only. To tell the truth, there are a lot of factors that have to check out.

The factors will educate you to learn the particular product and also make you sure what you actually buy.

Some basic steps to be followed for better research on your demands.

On this page below an info-graph(Best Research Before Shopping|Guideline) will teach you how tiny research will make your investment fruitful.

Blindness Towards The Brand

Never ever trust a brand only because of its reputation.

There is no doubt that they have been providing the best of their quality thus they win the market.

Although mistakes are appreciatable from all. Of course, renowned brands are experts in that field but sometimes their experiments may not be suitable for you

Then, how you can go for it. Well, this is also in the infographic(Best Review Checking)

Over Exploring

In the infographic representation, a review suggestion has been given.

There we have proposed you check the reviews on the search engines(Google, Yahoo, DuckDuck Go, Bing, etc.) or Reddit.

Although there has a prohibition in review checking.

“Never check more than 5 sites, it makes you confused”

Millions of sites mean millions of opinions generally, the ability of judgment will decrease after visiting those sites.

What you can do is nothing but trust the search engine and check the top 5 review sites.

#. Features To Check Out


At first, the thought that comes up in your mind is the display type. In modern fitness trackers, LED, OLED, AMOLED are the prototypes that brands offer.

The major difference is to choose between LED light display only and digital interface.

Selecting a digital display you can swipe your finger to set the settings and updates, sync with your phone to check the progress but not in the LED light display only.


Fitness trackers are numerous in numbers styles and shapes.

Even, choosing a style will be quite tough among the categories. What you have to keep in mind is that your tracker will be used for the purpose of sports.

Too much big dial may cause of lack of comfort in the motion. You may choose a sports fitness tracker like Garmin Rubber or a jewelry appearance like Michael Kors.


One of the biggest factors is comfort. Make sure that you will wear it most of the time, while you will sweat and tired.

Therefore, your wrist must feel comfortable enough having to wear the watch. It will be better to select a light weighted product.

Plus, the straps should not be a cause of itching however fitness trackers provide a rubberish strap band.

Battery Life

As you are using it to check your day-to-day monitoring. Battery life becomes a major factor.

Because display and functions do not demand a low power supply. Especially when someone utilizes it for the whole day.

In that case, no perfect number has been specified but 4-7 days on a single charge refers to good service.

Fitbit Versa 2 could be the right choice for good battery life.


It is obvious to emphasize that waterproofing is super important.

It would be nonsense to choose an average waterproof rating product in the swimming pool.

5 Atm water resistance rating is a weighted number.

Heart Rate Monitoring

Your health is directly connected with the rhythm of your heartbeat. By using your vibration of pulse trackers track your heartbeat.

Smartwatches, as well as fitness trackers, use the tri-axis method to track your sensors.

Furthermore, it is used to track your light, rem, deep sleep.

Since be aware these features are available and also accurate enough.


And last, but not in the list, Global Positioning System(GPS) is the feature no one wants to compromise from the list.

It would be strange that average customers take a smartwatch for GPS. And why you will leave a basic feature?

Think about it that driving a car, cycling, or outdoor you do not need a smartphone to check your positioning.

#. Frequent Queries Related To Fitness Tracker 

How Much Should I Spend For Fitness Tracker?

This is a subjective question that we found from most of the customers. Look, everything depends on the requirement.

Mainly two factors come up when we talk about the price of fitness trackers.

Firstly, if you are planning to use it for some basic physical activities such as running, cycling, walking then you may find useable electronic wearables between Rs.2000 to Rs. 5000($27-$68).

But to track major physical reactions as climbing, swimming, heart rate, sleep monitoring, blood pressure, breathing, and so on you have to spend Rs.10,000 to Rs.20,000($).

What Should You Buy For Fitness|Smartwatch, Fitness Band

Most of us are unaware of the fact that fitness trackers, smartwatches, and sports watches have a difference among them.

As you spend on an electronic product, some facts are unavoidable for you to buy a key product.

In short, A smartwatch is a watch that is integrated with various smart features as Short Replies, Notifications, Reminders or alarms, Social Media Updates, Basic Activity Tracking.

A Fitness Tracker is a Smartwatch Used To Measure Fitness-Oriented Data More Accurately.

And Sports Watch is a rational combination of smartwatch and Fitness Tracker features.

Hence, if you are leading a dedicated sports life then fitness trackers will the right choice.

Otherwise, you can choose both of them. To know more check “Difference between a smartwatch and fitness tracker“.

Should I Install App For Fitness Tracking?

Unlike a smartwatch or sports watch, a fitness tracker or band does not permit the use of any third-party apps.

The fitness tracker itself is a master of activity tracking more accurately.

In wear OS and Watch OS(Apple Watch Series 3), you may use several fitness apps to check your best performance.

#. Online Buying Guide Of A Fitness Tracker

Nowadays, online shopping has become more confusing.

That’s why we often select the wrong product. To avoid the waste of time as well as money we should be educated a little bit about the procedure.

Here, we will discuss how you will consider the best product according to your requirement. In the next sections, we will know-

Best Price Range On Requirements

Whenever you buy something price range becomes a big factor. As mentioned earlier, your expense is depending on the requirements.

For basic exercises, you can get any suitable devices in less than RS. 5000.
In this range, the advantages tracking of steps, calories, reminders, etc.

On the other hand, if you are seeking something more sporty that means advanced physical activities (swimming, heart rate, sleep, blood pressure, etc.) at a more accurate level then you have to pay Rs.10,000 Rs.20,000($136-$273).

Best Research For Expert Review

In the following infographic, we will learn how to research before shopping. Let’s learn it.

Fitness Tracker Buying Guideline

#. Conclusion

Well, that was our hard work to solve your problem. Hopefully, this was helpful for you. 

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