Probable Upcoming Apple Watch Features Glucose, Alcohol Level, Blood Pressure Monitoring

Apple Watch Features

Almost every watch lovers wait for the new apple watch features. It just becomes of the brands’ effort and willingness to do something new. They care for real-life problems.

That is the most essential factor why they achieve a high-class customer demand. Now, Apple has announced a surprise for you. They will launch something exciting for their customers.

According to Telegraph’s report, SEC and US Securities are taking an initiative called Rockley Photonics.

Apple and other experts stated that it’s possible to measure Blood Pressure, Glucose, and alcohol levels. In New York, the startup relationship will publish their innovation.

Apple claims,

“iPhone-maker may introduce blood sugar monitoring functions in its future products.”

Using infrared light the application measures our blood pressure. The sensors can monitor Glucose, Blood Pressure, and Alcohol level.

Rockley Photonics CEO, Andrew Rickman states that within 2022 companies will develop consumer products. However, he did not say whenever the features would be available.

Right now, apple provides the “heart rate sensor”.

Well, they are working on a rugged large variant, called the Explorer Edition. Get ready for the new features apple lover.

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Well, hopefully, the apple watch features update is helpful for you. As mentioned earlier our main objective is to solve your problem.

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