“Tesla Is The Different…” Elon Musk Responded To A Tech Creator

Tesla Is Different

Tesla founder Elon Musk is known as a witty responder. People all over the world pay heed to his tweets about the Mars mission to electronic cars. On 2nd May, he shared his thought where are states- Why Tesla is different than other car companies.

A creator Utsav Tech tweeted everyone is making cars, Apple, Xiaomi, LG, Huawei, Tesla. Where Elon has replied,

“Prototypes Are Easy, Production Is Hard”.

Many tweet followers respect his opinion. But here is not the end.

Tweet Of Tesla Is Different

From the beginning of his journey, Musk has faced rejection after rejection. Many billionaires and market leaders did not respect Musk as business acumen.

They believe that electric car is not the actual substitute for polluting fossil fuel vehicles.

Even Neil Armstrong didn’t agree with the SpaceX concept. However, Musk has described the reason behind his statement.

He said,

“Tesla and Ford are the only American Carmakers not to have gone bankrupt out of 1000’s of car startups”.

Overall, they were pioneers in EV car companies that must consider as a verticle change in the car startup ecosystem.

They were not developing older versions of existing cars. Their business model follows inventory visualization.

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