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Identify fake Apps in playstore

How To Identify Fake Apps In Play Store? Buyers-Value

Apps have become one of the useful accessories for us but recently play store has been filled with fake apps. These apps are harmful to your phone. That’s why you need to identify fake apps in the play store. Otherwise, your device and security may be harmed by malware now, the question of how we can […]

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Smart Handwashing

Have You Tried “Smart Handwashing”? | Only For Galaxy Watch Users

Staying hygienic is now a never-avoiding option. Musks, sanitizer is our best friend now. But have you tried “Smart Handwashing”? Usually, we used to wash our hands but smart handwashing makes you ensure that almost 99% of the germs vanish. Here, Samsung obeys its responsibility. In the ‘Hand wash’ App, Samsung offers “Hand Wash” features […]

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Microsoft is different now

Satya Nadella Says Microsoft Is Different Now In 2021 Than 2000

According to current Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, Microsoft is quite different now. At a time, someone among the reporter asked him about the”inappropriate relationship” of Bill Gates with a female employee. But in reply, Mr. Nadella represents something punchy. He says the company is “very different” than 2000. After 25 years, Microsoft made him the […]

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Swiss K31 Snipper Loadout Explained

Swiss K31 Sniper Loadout Explained | Call Of Duty New Weapon

For Call Of Duty fans, good news has come up with a video. After the Warzone season, 3 reloaded updates, the warzone has changed their refile to sang over than the previous popular Kar98k. Swiss K31 Sniper Loadout Explained hence let’s continue reading. Call of Duty content creator “NICKMERCS” has come forward with a brand […]

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Intel Core i5-11400 Update

Could Intel Core i5-11400 Update Work Without Heat Dissipation?

Although Tiger Lake-H had taken the current protagonism of the Intel catalog for laptops, other current chips, such as the Intel Core i5-11400 update, also deserve a lot of attention. And it is that in the mid-range is, in the end, the choice by the majority, who seek a balanced position between price and performance. […]

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Want To Visit Mars

Do You Want To Visit Mars? | Learn From Zebra Fish

One part of our population is planning to build a city on Mars. Megacities like London, New York, Paris will soon establish on Mars. Do You Want To Visit Mars? Are you curious about the planet? But how do we survive there? Haman as well as living beings are not made to survive for Mars […]

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Battleground Mobile India Goes Live

Battleground Mobile India Goes Live On | Register With Preregister Link

Good News for all game lovers. Battleground Mobile India goes live on Google play store. The Indian market was already exited but finally, the pre-registration link is available. Now, we can experience something previous like PUBG. Furthermore, the game offers a few different experiences like more security, privacy, and less violence. In the gaming world […]

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Xbox is partnering with Timi Studios

Xbox Is Partnering With Timi Studios | Surprise For Gamers

For Gamers, something new is coming for a better experience. Microsoft’s game Studio, the American conglomerate. Xbox is partnering with Timi Studios.  This time Microsoft is planning a unique style for game lovers. But what is the reason for this collaboration?   Hence, we have gathered some valuable news about the brand new gaming concepts.  When […]

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Oximeter Displaying Sketch Pen Oxygen Level

Why Does Oximeter Displaying Sketch Pen Oxygen Level?

Have you seen the video that shows an Oximeter displaying Sketch Pen Oxygen Level? After the pandemic Oximeter has become a must-have instrument for us. It’s been more than 1 year when the COVID-19 came into our environment till then our ecosystem has imbalanced. However, your oxygen level will decide how fit you are! All […]

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Mars Helicopter captures image

NASA Captures Its First Aerial Color Image From A Mars Helicopter

2nd April 2021 NASA captures its first color image from a Mars helicopter. The image was captured with high defination colored camera. Mars Helicopter Captures Color Image Of Mars Surface With the help of the helicopter, NASA capture the surface of the Mars from different angle. In the photograph, we can see the surface features, […]

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