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Hide Your Last Seen On WhatsApp

Hide Last Seen On WhatsApp | New Update For Users

Users will be capable to hide last seen on WhatsApp. In the last few years, people have expressed that they have some issues with privacy settings such as last seen, delete chat time, Out of contact list DP’s visibility. A few months ago, privacy updates indulge people to uninstall and shift to Telegram and Signal […]

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How To Send A Full WhatsApp Chat

How To Send A Full WhatsApp Chat To Someone Safely

Unlikely but we have to need our chats for some exceptional purposes, you know it’s not wired if you need a whole chat history to be sent. In that case, you must seek how to send a full WhatsApp chat? Okay, we understand some features on any application are easy to use but some seem […]

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WhatsApp Will Pay RS. 51 For WhatsApp Pay

WhatsApp Will Pay RS. 51 For WhatsApp Pay (See How)

Do you know guys, WhatsApp Will Pay RS. 51 if you use WhatsApp pay even in Rs.1? See how it works properly with terms and conditions. If you are using WhatsApp then you have surely watched the new payment feature on it. Some users are still unaware of the feature but very soon they will […]

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How To Take Notes On WhatsApp

Unknown Feature | How To Take Notes On WhatsApp?

Using WhatsApp we don’t know several features on that platform. Today’s we have bought some useful features for you that sounds like- how to take notes on WhatsApp? Well, the last few years WhatsApp has become one of the most famous chatting platforms, owned by Facebook.   Last few days, the privacy policy issue, and other […]

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