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Advantages Of Reading News On the Internet

Have You Heard The Rare Advantages Of Reading News On the Internet

If you are one of them who reads news you must have an addiction to having a delicious newspaper with tea or coffee in slanting morning rays. To be frank, newspaper reading is one of the greatest habits of every successful people. Now, teachers, professional communicators are suggesting to go through on Internet to the […]

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Facebook Introduced New Ray-Ban Smart Glasses

In partnership with the eyewear maker, Ray-Ban and Facebook Launched their first Smart Glasses. Ray-Ban Stories is the name of that Glasses and there is no AR. What That Smart Glasses Can Do? Glasses only take photos and shoot 30-second videos They also play music and podcasts and make calls The smart glasses are priced […]

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HarmonyOS 2 Completed 70 Million Upgrades (Check The Exceptional One)

On June 2, HUAWEI released the HarmonyOS 2 operating system. In early August, it had more than 50 million users and now the latest report shows that HarmonyOS 2 completed 70 million upgrades. HarmonyOS 2 may soon exceed 100 million installations on Huawei devices with this speed. According to Yu Chengdong (CEO of the Consumer […]

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Does Your PC Compatible With Windows 11?

Microsoft is working on completing development on their latest operating system Windows 11. Now, you might be thinking about whether your PC is compatible with Windows 11 or not. As per the report, a normal user’s PC would compatible with Windows 11 but few points need to know. To learn whether their system meets the […]

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Decorate India Gate With Snapchat’s New Landmark Lens On Independence Day

Since Independence Day is coming, Snapchat‘s new Landmark lens is introduced for the historic India Gate in Delhi to celebrate the occasion. This lens will allow Snapchatters to decorate the landmark monument with tricolors to mark the national occasion. The Landmark lens is powered by Snapchat’s AR technology and helps brings the iconic monument to […]

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Microsoft Planetary Computers

Microsoft Planetary Computers | What’s An Nature-saving Management!

Microsoft is one of the greatest tech brands not only because of its marketing or products. They care about the sustainability of our nature With Microsoft Planetary Computers. For 1 decade they have been working on technological evolution by taking considerable care of our environment.  A few days ago, they talked about the green tech […]

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HP Takes Bold Climate Care

HP Takes Bold Climate Care As A Tech Company (Our Tech Future)

As we all know the climate, and its sustainability has become a great matter for us. In that situation, Microsoft has taken some unique, and appreciatable steps. Similarly, Hp takes bold climate care for its uses. Hence, if you are reading this article you must be a tech, and nature lover. The majority of the […]

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Identify fake Apps in playstore

How To Identify Fake Apps In Play Store? Buyers-Value

Apps have become one of the useful accessories for us but recently play store has been filled with fake apps. These apps are harmful to your phone. That’s why you need to identify fake apps in the play store. Otherwise, your device and security may be harmed by malware now, the question of how we can […]

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Smart Handwashing

Have You Tried “Smart Handwashing”? | Only For Galaxy Watch Users

Staying hygienic is now a never-avoiding option. Musks, sanitizer is our best friend now. But have you tried “Smart Handwashing”? Usually, we used to wash our hands but smart handwashing makes you ensure that almost 99% of the germs vanish. Here, Samsung obeys its responsibility. In the ‘Hand wash’ App, Samsung offers “Hand Wash” features […]

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Microsoft is different now

Satya Nadella Says Microsoft Is Different Now In 2021 Than 2000

According to current Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, Microsoft is quite different now. At a time, someone among the reporter asked him about the”inappropriate relationship” of Bill Gates with a female employee. But in reply, Mr. Nadella represents something punchy. He says the company is “very different” than 2000. After 25 years, Microsoft made him the […]

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