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Xbox is partnering with Timi Studios

Xbox Is Partnering With Timi Studios | Surprise For Gamers

For Gamers, something new is coming for a better experience. Microsoft’s game Studio, the American conglomerate. Xbox is partnering with Timi Studios.  This time Microsoft is planning a unique style for game lovers. But what is the reason for this collaboration?   Hence, we have gathered some valuable news about the brand new gaming concepts.  When […]

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Mars Helicopter captures image

NASA Captures Its First Aerial Color Image From A Mars Helicopter

2nd April 2021 NASA captures its first color image from a Mars helicopter. The image was captured with high defination colored camera. Mars Helicopter Captures Color Image Of Mars Surface With the help of the helicopter, NASA capture the surface of the Mars from different angle. In the photograph, we can see the surface features, […]

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Tesla Should Accept Dogecoin

Elon Musk Is Surveying Wheather Tesla Should Accept Dogecoin

Elon Musk has tweeted a poll where he shows the curiosity about Dogcoin. He asked whether tesla should accept Dogecoin. Tesla is in the transaction with bitcoin (BTC). People used to buy Tesla cars with bitcoin. Last February, the company bought $1.5 billion in bitcoin. Now, we don’t know whether or not Tesla is going […]

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Optical Character Recognition

Automatic Increment In Optical Character Recognition Technology

Since 1990, OCR(Optical Character Recognition) has been taking a particular market and it’s seemed automatic. Wait! we are not saying that market players have done any improvement. Instead, we can say, it has a universal requirement. Furthermore, many tech inventions take a position but OCR seems more profitable for us in upcoming days. Still, in […]

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Tesla Is Different

“Tesla Is The Different…” Elon Musk Responded To A Tech Creator

Tesla founder Elon Musk is known as a witty responder. People all over the world pay heed to his tweets about the Mars mission to electronic cars. On 2nd May, he shared his thought where are states- Why Tesla is different than other car companies. A creator Utsav Tech tweeted everyone is making cars, Apple, […]

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the golden age of tech invention

Elon Musk Says Golden Age Of Tech Invention Is Coming

Elon Musk, Tesla Founder, emphasizes our generation to choose technology as a career. He is watching a golden age of tech invention. After Covid-19, the world’s economy needs to be structured. Most of the companies are facing tough economical situations. According to Elon, “Too many smart people go into finance and law”. Talented graduates choose […]

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Tourbillon Pocket Watch

Changed Our Way To See Time: Tourbillon Pocket Watch

Time and its mechanism are not clear enough to us. If we discover its behavior then time can be controlled. Are you fantasized about time and its mysterious fact? Have you ever hear about Tourbillon Pocket Watch? Are you a ‘watch’ lover? If yes, then you might be wondered that the most horological inventions of […]

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are electric cars the future

Are Electric Cars The Future? (Better Or Not)

Now, we are conscious about our future. From electric cars to the Mars missions, we are planning to secure our future existence. Being limited, fossil fuels will not be an energy source for us in the upcoming days. Are electric cars the future? So many problems are there. How will we drive our cars, factories, electric […]

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S12 Smartwatch For Golfers

S12 Smartwatch For Golfers, Launched By Garmin In India At Rs. 20990

To improve the game of Golfers, today Garmin launched a GPS-enabled smartwatch S12. Impressively, it provides accurate data for each swing. Note: If golfing is unknown to you then you must learn that it is a niche sport, requires steady techniques, and a great course to win the hole. Garmin enhanced the S12 with some […]

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Artificial Intelligence Meaning

Artificial Intelligence Does Not Mean ‘Artifical’ Or ‘Intelligence’

AI refers to Artificial Intelligence but Kate Crawford (Position holder of USC and Microsoft) Tells us “Even Experts are working on Technology Misunderstand AI”. “Crawford is a professor of the University of Southern California and researcher of Microsoft tells that many applications and side effects of AI are in urgent need of regulation.” Recently, Crawford […]

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