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Recycle Your Gadgets With DELL's Easy

Recycle Your Gadgets With DELL | Easy, And Quick Ewaste Solution

In the last few years, Giant tech brands are taking crucial decisions on behalf of the environment. Microsoft, Apple, Samsung, And now you can recycle your gadgets with DELL supervised Ewaste solution. It sounds complex but in reality, they have organized their system so helpfully that users can access it easily. But which type of […]

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Trojan Attacked More Than 10 Million

GiftHorse Trojan Attacked More Than 10 Million Android Users

A certain update has changed the whole Android user experience. In the last few months, GiftHorse Trojan attacked more than 10 million android users. This malware is destroying the user experience of Android users badly. At the very beginning of the process, users install some Applications on their device which is basically contained with entertainment […]

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Is It Possible To Touch VR Objects

Is It Possible To Touch VR In Reality?

As we have seen in video games, there is a lot of different reality and virtual reality. There is a question, appeared- Is it possible to touch VR? Have you asked this question before? In MCU, Iron man easily touches anything in his lab in VR form. Will, it going to be real this time? […]

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Most Installed Non-Gaming App

Why Instagram Is The 2nd Most Installed Non-Gaming App

Right now, TikTok is booming the industry all over the world. As per the Sensor Tower, it is the most installed non-gaming app however Instagram stands second. After the launching of TikTok people have faced a different kind of content addiction. A short video was not so popular before TikTok but people now prefer short […]

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Endpoint Protection Tool For Linux

Endpoint Protection Tool For Linux, New Feature From Microsoft

Very recently, Microsoft has added some new and useful security benefits to the Endpoint protection tool for Linux. This security update will change the privacy, and security of the whole system, you are currently working on. The most interesting part of this addition is the Endpoint detection, and response (EDR), and the Antivirus(AV) will be […]

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Stay Secure From Hacking On Online Payment

How To Stay Secure From Hacking On Online Payment

Cautious about online payment, are you curious to know- how to stay secure from hacking on online payment? In the super progressive world, people start upgrading like a flash speed, Transaction has become changed a lot. You can send and receive anything online property, commodity, money, and even feelings. However, sometimes we felt insecure due […]

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Is Web 3.0 A Real Concept On Internet

Is Web 3.0 A Real Concept On Internet? (Know The Reality)

In the last 10 years, the internet has changed rapidly. The majority of the world is taking full advantage of the internet. Suddenly, a controversy came, is Web 3.0 a Real Concept? As internet users, we know nothing about the internal mechanisms of the internet. There is a big world inside the web. Today, we […]

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Should I Buy Intel Core Gen 12

Should I Buy Intel Core Gen 12? | Pros and Cons Need To Know

In the last 8 days, people are asking frequently, should I buy Intel Core Gen 12? We know how developers would like to inspect a brand new gadget, but if you are not a developer don’t be worried we have to gather the best as well as easy-to-understand opinion for you. Let’s talk about the […]

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WhatsApp Will Pay RS. 51 For WhatsApp Pay

WhatsApp Will Pay RS. 51 For WhatsApp Pay (See How)

Do you know guys, WhatsApp Will Pay RS. 51 if you use WhatsApp pay even in Rs.1? See how it works properly with terms and conditions. If you are using WhatsApp then you have surely watched the new payment feature on it. Some users are still unaware of the feature but very soon they will […]

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Is It Cool To Have Radeon RX 6600 For Your PC

Is It Cool To Have Radeon RX 6600 For Your PC?

If you are planning to buy a brand new graphics card for your PC then you will surely search for some quality cards around the web, well there could find Radeon RX 6600 for your PC. Now, the question is- How suitable it is for your PC. Does it meet your requirements? At first, we […]

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