Can I Wear A Smartwatch During Pregnancy

Can I Wear A Smartwatch During Pregnancy? (Including Disadvantages)

We have seen hundreds of requests in several medical forums that people are serious about their pregnant wives’ health checkups. Husbands are seeking health tracking devices during pregnancy. Some of the have asked about gadget usability guidelines during pregnancy. From the series, we have picked up the question- Can I wear a smartwatch during pregnancy? […]

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difference between smartwatch and fitness tracker

Difference Between Smartwatch And Fitness Tracker

The Difference between a smartwatch and fitness trackers is an interesting topic that ensures that smart devices have tons of variety and the variation is increasing day by day. Well, who does not want to be updated? Who does not want to use the latest version? Yes, most of us really love to take the […]

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Do A Teenager Smartwatch Make You Smarter (1)

Do A Teenager Smartwatch Make You Smarter?

In the teenage, there is a huge chance that one prepares to be smart. In that process gadgets like smartwatches could be highly useful. But if you ask a direct question if a teenager’s smartwatch make you smart then we have to reply- Smartness in teenage can be developed by practicing several crucial skills, and […]

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Radiation Level Comparison Between Smartwatch Vs Smartphone

Radiation Comparison Between Smartwatch Vs Smartphone

Like every other electronic gadget, smartphones, and smartwatches emit radiation that varies in different conditions. To conclude a measurable amount of limits we have given a result of radiation level test comparison between smartwatch vs smartphone.  We have taken Galaxy Gear S2 and Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra. Now let’s take a look at the result […]

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Is it healthy to wear smartwatch at night?

Is It Safe To Wear A Smartwatch While Sleeping?

Wearing smart trackers is cool but how safe a smartwatch is to wear while sleeping! Is there any kind of side effects of a smart gadget if we used to wear them at night? Lots of questions but the solution is quite simple. In terms of a health point of view, a smartwatch can be […]

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What Is A Radiation Free Smartwatch

What Is A Radiation Free Smartwatch?

Like every wearable device, a smartwatch emits radiation due to electromagnetic waves that connect it to the network.  In the wearable market, we can see lots of Radiation protection chips. Basically, it is an external chip that can be attached to a smartphone or smartwatch.  Hence, a radiation-free smartwatch is built in such a way […]

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Reason why smartwatch may cause anxiety

Do Smartwatches Cause Anxiety? 

The relation between anxiety and technology is negligible. Similarly, one of our subscribers asked – Do Smartwatches cause anxiety?  Out of hundreds of opinions and statements, we found different kinds of advice but in a simple way-  With radiation, Smartwatches shows fitness stats that are not 100% accurate however users used to take it seriously […]

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Do Smartwatch Batteries Reduced After Sometime

Do Smartwatch Batteries Reduce After Sometimes?

Most often users ask – Do smartwatch batteries reduce after sometimes of usage? This common question rises up for every rechargeable battery.  The following are the reasons that will help you to understand why over time batteries lose their power holding capacity, and finally comes to the end where you would have to replace it-   […]

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Make Smartwatch Battery Last Longer

How To Make A Smartwatch Battery Last Longer 

Smart gadgets like smartwatches are useful and trendy but highly power-consuming. The process of how to make a smartwatch battery last longer? consists of some crucial steps.  To save batteries of a Smartwatch you need to follow- Take Advantage Of Internal Storage  Manage Brightness And Other Display Settings  Use CFOB Charging Track Only In Active […]

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Why Your Smartwatch Batteries Draining So Fast

Why Your Smartwatch Batteries Draining So Fast

Draining batteries in electronic gadgets used to increase while users practice random and unnecessary activities like Poor GPS, display, network settings.  Mainly, smartwatch batteries drain due to high GPS usage, power-consuming watch faces, online music playing, unnecessary activity tracking, high capacity network connectivity.  In our previous articles, we have talked about how long does a […]

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