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HUAWEI Watch FIT Review (AMOLED Display, Sports GPS)

HUAWEI Watch FIT Review

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Amazfit Stratos Detailed Review |Buyers-Value

Amazfit Stratos review

Smartwatch and its uses are on trend now. Everyone loves to use smart wearables. And the interesting part of the discussion is the Amazfit Stratos review.

Yes, for every sports lover Amazfit Stratos has become a choice.

Leading a smart life we probably need technology at one stage. We neglect that our whole life is surrounded by technology.

But the question is how do we sure that what are crucial factors. That we should notice before clicking the Buy Now button.

Well, on this page we are going to talk about the basic to important that will help you to learn about this sports watch.

#. Amazfit Stratos Review: Facial

As you watching, Amazfit Stratos shows a much more sporty appearance than the previous version.

Stratos(A1619) offers mainly black shades in the bands and dials also. Hence, it will sexy enough as men are fond of black wearables or other accessories.

Moreover, do not be worried about the screen and resolutions. You may use each of the smart advantages smoothly on the screen.

With 1280 X 1024 (SXGA), it is a completely visually attractive product while you will use the on-screen features.

Having 70gm weighted and 5 widths only, Amazfit provides us the maximum level of comforts throughout the day.

#. Amazfit Stratos Review: Technical Features

In the case of T.V, Motor Bikes, Smartphones, Washing Machines or else, we naturally think about the technical facilities.

We do not want to waste our money on weak but attractive electronics.

Similarly, whenever you watch smartwatches online, the first feature that you used to consider is technical strength.

In the biggest e-commerce sites, products are plotted with the features.

People like you visit those sites to buy something but being confused they choose the wrong product mostly.

That’s why we have given something interesting to the next points.


It’s not only you but most smartwatch lovers are fond of location tracking advantages.

Normally, watching a location in smartphones is pretty much disgusting.

Driving a car or bike, no one wants to pick up his phones but they have to watch the locations sometimes.

And this causes a reason for the mishap. Having Amazefit Stratos, you may see your location with the help of built-in GPS.

It’s a great feature that smartwatch brands have implemented in their products.

WIFI and Bluetooth

Wireless connectivity is another important factor that everyone wants to prioritize.

Either Bluetooth or WIFI is the must-have feature of smart wearables. As you have to sync it to get the activate properly.

Without WIFI you can not use GPS, weather reports, app notifications, and so on.

Who wants to use an ordinary smartwatch? Hence, this Amazfit watch provides us smooth Bluetooth including 802.11b or 802.11g wireless connectivity.

At this point, we have come to near the conclusion and the last point remains the power service.


The Quality of the batteries is matters when the buyer spends a tight schedule.

If you one of them who leads a busy schedule then battery performance could be the high priority.

But again here is a solution that Amazfit represents for his loyal customers.

Having 290mAh Lithium Polymer Cells, Amazfit Stratos provides 120 Hours average battery life service.

That means you can go for a few days for camping or holidays being worry-free from any power source.

#. Amazefit Stratos Review: Wireless Features

This is the part where you do not want to compromise at any cost.

Whenever a smartwatch brand launches a new model, everyone wants to know about the smart features first.

Amazfit has been one of the best smart operator providers. App Notifications, Music without phone take our attraction.

Now, smartwatches provide smart specifications right, it’s normal but in the next points, we are going to know the top smart specifications of Amazfit Stratos.

App Notifications

An average man uses his phone for 4 hours daily.

Usually, we don’t want to use our smartphones frequently but we have to pick up.

It is not comfortable for us, especially when we are busy with our daily schedule.

In that case, you may use the advantage of Amazfit Stratos. It will help to keep a connection with your smartphone.

Using wireless connectivity you can aware of the social media notifications, messages, and also call but you can’t make a call by this device.

This will help you to select the most important reminders.

Music Without Phone

The trend has changed its way. Now, who wants to use earphones? Nobody because it destroys our comfort.

Here, The problems have been solved by the Bluetooth Earphones.

But furthermore, having a smartphone in jogging is one of the most annoying things. Okay, no problem, Amazfit has thought about it.

With approximately 2GB of free space, you can enjoy the onboard music feature.

What you need to do is nothing but the load you favorite music and directly to your Bluetooth earphones.

#. Your Own Sports Coach

At last, we have reached the point. And yes, of course, Amazfit Stratos is mainly designed for fitness and activity tracking.

Now, you should have clarity about the fitness tracking ability of this model.

Taste for electronics accessories is not similar for everyone. But let’s see what suits you or what’s not?

Many smartwatches give you the opportunity to use the fitness features but there is something different that you may be interested in.

Main three features that should be mentioned-

  • 4 sports modes and training plans
  • Training Plans and VO2 max
  • Water-Resistant Ability

14 sports modes and training plans

Nowadays, no one can perform a healthy life without a workout plan. As we all know fitness controls our mind as well as impressions.

Hence, a fitness tracker has become a necessity and instead of having a coach, you should monitor your fitness by a digital fitness coach which is also called smartwatch or fitness tracker.

It sounds stupid right, but statistics show that smartwatches play a major role in our fitness only when we use it properly.

14 sports modes

Amazfit Stratos has 16 Sports Mode as- Run, Walk, Outdoor Cycling, Pool Swim, Open Water Swim, Run Indoor, Indoor Cycling, Elliptical Trainer, Climb, Trail Run, Triathlon, Compound Exercise, Skiing, Soccer, Tennis and Rope Skipping.

Do whatever you like and measure your fitness by connecting your smart wearable to the fitness app.

The analytics will show where and how you should improve yourself to reach the targets.

Training Plans and VO2 max

Moreover, it gives you more detailed monitoring. It not only shows the amount of work but also you can set fitness targets.

Using Firstbeat Algorithm, Amazfit Stratos represents a massive professional exercise data such as- Training Load(TD), Training Effect(TE), Oxygen Consumption(VO2max), recovery time, next exercise recommendation, real-time exercise guidance, current physical condition, and so on.

Training Analytics and VO2 max

It is completely designed for athletes for better measurements of psychological data.


As mentioned, it has been manufactured especially for athletes. And water resistance is one of the most important factors for a sports watch.

Since Amazfit has implemented its technologies to improve this quality.

This watch is 5 ATM certified which is equivalent to 80 PSI.

That means, it can be safe in near about 50 meters depth.

Undoubtedly, If anyone wants to buy a smartwatch or any other best wearable then curiosity to the technical features (as- wireless connectivity, water resistance ability, watch faces types, battery life, etc, and outlook) is absolutely normal.

On every page, we have mentioned that our first priority is to solve your problem that’s why we don’t compromise with the right information.

Well, that’s all about the Amazfit Stratos review and hope you have got all the answers related to your query.

We have done a pain storm effort to give nothing but quality reviews.
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