Can You Replace A Smartwatch Battery?

Can we replace a smartwatch battery?

Users often get confused to replace the battery of the smartwatch. Well, it’s pretty much easy if you follow the steps carefully. Straight dive into your question- Yes, we can replace the battery of a smartwatch with the help of a razer, Adhesive Glues, screwdriver. Points Must-Know Before Replacing Any Smartwatch Battery  Batteries in a … Read more

Should You Wear A Smartwatch Tight Or Loose? For Better Tracking

Should We wear smartwatch tight or Loose

This query is not important for normal watch users but smartwatch users must know whether you should wear a smartwatch tight or loose. If you are in hurry then here is the short answer: You should wear it comfortably, wearing too loose a smartwatch causes tracking issues, and too tight a knot of a smartwatch … Read more

Can You Wear A Smartwatch Inside Of Your Wrist?

Can You Wear A Smartwatch Inside Of Your Wrist

Watch users can easily wear normal Analog watches inside the wrist but Can you wear a smartwatch inside of your wrist? Smartwatch users often fell in a confusion to make decision. Following are the confusion that make the inside-wrist watch user used to ask. Check why you advantages as well as the disadvantages of following … Read more

Can I Use WhatsApp On Smartwatch Without Sim?

Can I Use WhatsApp On A Smartwatch Without Sim

WhatsApp must be considered as one of the most famous chatting platform in our whole population as it has gained more 2 billion users around the globe. Daily everyone in our culture from USA to Japan we are exchanging our thoughts and the amount of communication is more than 100 billion chats per day. In … Read more

Is It Safe To Wear Smartwatch All The Time? (Definite Guide)

Is It Safe To Wear Smartwatch All The Time

Tracking gadgets work well if you use them when you are active. To expand this concept our team members are focusing on a topic called- Is it safe to wear smartwatch all the time? In short, no, it’s not healthy to wear a smartwatch all the time as it emits several harmful radiation, light effects … Read more

Are Phone Step Trackers Accurate? (Quick Reading To Detailed Analyze)

Are Phone Step Trackers Accurate

Using a smartphone you have also taken the advantage of step trackers but still, users also bothered and ask- are phone step trackers accurate enough? That’s we have done a detailed survey on it. However, you will get the answer within 4 minutes of quick reading. But if you are in hurry here is the … Read more

How Do You Maximize Your Smartwatch? Increase Smartwatch Lifetime

How Do You Maximize Your Smartwatch

At first we consider the battery life, power supply, watt ratings, and cell composition but then seek- how do you maximize your smartwatch? This topic has been asked a lot from our fellow members, well, finally we have sorted out some unique tips that you can use to increase the life span of your smartwatch. … Read more

Does Having A Fitness Watch Help? In Practical Sense

Does Having A Fitness Watch Help

Every year more than 40 million fitness watches sales are running throughout the globe but does having a fitness watch help? People spend hundreds of dollars to buy fancy watches that will simply show some GPS, reminders, and a few fitness stats. Lots of confusion, well solve the doubts one by one. First of all, … Read more

Is Fossil A Good Brand For Men’s Watches?

Every time when people ask for quality watches, their attention swings towards the question that sounds, is Fossil a good brand for men’s watches? Great, if you are confused about the quality of Fossil men watches we will figure it out today within 5 minutes of reading. In this article, we have described a short … Read more