How Long Does A Smartwatch Battery Last? 

Everyone will tell you smartwatch battery capacity vary brand to brand, battery life depends on the amount of usage. This is an obvious answer. However, we have found some stats. Smartwatch batteries last up to 7-8 hours on average on a single charge without GPS and tracking, and the total lifespan is 2.5-3 years. However, … Read more

Do Smartwatch Batteries Reduce After Sometimes?

Do Smartwatch Batteries Reduced After Sometime

Most often users ask – Do smartwatch batteries reduce after sometimes of usage? This common question rises up for every rechargeable battery.  The following are the reasons that will help you to understand why over time batteries lose their power holding capacity, and finally comes to the end where you would have to replace it-   … Read more

Why Your Smartwatch Batteries Draining So Fast

Why Your Smartwatch Batteries Draining So Fast

Draining batteries in electronic gadgets used to increase while users practice random and unnecessary activities like Poor GPS, display, network settings.  Mainly, smartwatch batteries drain due to high GPS usage, power-consuming watch faces, online music playing, unnecessary activity tracking, high capacity network connectivity.  In our previous articles, we have talked about how long does a … Read more

Can You Replace A Smartwatch Battery?

Can we replace a smartwatch battery?

Users often get confused to replace the battery of the smartwatch. Well, it’s pretty much easy if you follow the steps carefully. Straight dive into your question- Yes, we can replace the battery of a smartwatch with the help of a razer, Adhesive Glues, screwdriver. Points Must-Know Before Replacing Any Smartwatch Battery  Batteries in a … Read more

How Do You Maximize Your Smartwatch? Increase Smartwatch Lifetime

How Do You Maximize Your Smartwatch

At first we consider the battery life, power supply, watt ratings, and cell composition but then seek- how do you maximize your smartwatch? This topic has been asked a lot from our fellow members, well, finally we have sorted out some unique tips that you can use to increase the life span of your smartwatch. … Read more