Apple in argument reality

Something Game-Changing Is Happening From Apple In Argument Reality

Many investors are curious to know the next trend of the market, recently, we have come up with news that there could be a high presence of Apple in Argument Reality. And this is going to be a game-changing change in the market. Previously, Apple has shown that how capable they are in the handy […]

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Hackers Targeting Apple Devices

Hackers Are Targeting Apple Devices, Google Reveals It

Every year Apple invests a lot to make their product secure. However, perfection has no limits, recently Google’s threat advisory group called TAG reveals that hackers are targeting Apple devices using some compromised websites.   In Hong Kong, they have found some vulnerabilities and sophisticated malware to hack the macOS and iOS devices.   According to the […]

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USB Hub Problem In macOS

USB Hub Problem In macOS Monetary Update Irritates Users

After the OS update in macOS Monetary update, users are getting obsessed with the user experience external cord. Several users complained about the USB hub problem in the macOS monetary update. After terrible user experience is ridiculous for few users. The monetary update was specifically made to upgrade the version of Apple’s desktop and laptop […]

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Reason Why MacBook Pro's Face ID Lacking

Reason Why MacBook Pro’s Face ID Lacking

Recently we have come up with shocking news from Apple users, why MacBook Pro’s face ID lacking. We have found a specific reason from Apple. We know how Apple branding spreads its products throughout the world. After launching MacBook Pro, I thought that this is probably one more time when Apple will show how useability […]

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Why You Should Choose MacBook Pro

Reason Why You Should Choose MacBook Pro For You

Whenever you start buying something new with Apple its advantages bother you in that case. To tell the truth apple offer lots of useful features in its products. The question is do you need it actually, why you should choose MacBook Pro or iPhone. If not then you should try something else. Well, today we […]

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Mixed Reality Headset Launch Is Delayed

Mixed Reality Headset Launch Is Delayed Due To Complex Design

In the official announcement, we have seen that there is a problem for gamers as Apple’s mixed reality headset launch is delayed. If we look back to the reality headsets advantages, we could see that it might come with 100-200 grams weight, onboard storage, and computing capabilities. On the other hand, there are few other […]

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Smasung Launch Events

Apple, Google, Samsung launch Events | Watch Probable Gadgets

Get ready for the big events from three big tech giants. Apple, Google, Samsung launch Events to show their latest and best version of creation for their respective users. From hardware to software, we could see a massive change in the up-gradation. Let’s see the probable launching events and time zones. Samsung Event On Wednesday, […]

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iPhone 11 to iPhone 12, Is it worth upgrading? | Specification

Before talking about iPhone 11 to iPhone 12 Upgrading. Many consumers are already thinking about upgrading their devices after the arrival of a new Apple smartphone on the market. Is it worth making a switch to the iPhone 12, released last year for those who bought the iPhone 11 back in 2019? iPhone 11 To […]

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Apple iPhone 13 Launch

Apple iPhone 13 Launch Is Live | Know The Feature

On September 14 Apple’s iPhone 13 series Launch will be in this Apple Event. The company will launch  iPhone 13 (iPhone 13) Secondly, iPhone 13 mini iPhone 13 Pro (iPhone 13 Pro) iPhone 13 Pro Max You can also watch Apple’s Launching Event Live. The company’s California Streaming event will start at 10:30 pm Indian time […]

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Apple iPad Pro 12.9-Inch With $100 Off

Apple iPad Pro 12.9-Inch With $100 Off Hits All-Time Low Price

Apple unveiled its latest iPad Pro last Spring. iPad Pro Deal has been pretty hard to come by like most new Apple products. but we’re starting to see more movement in price now that the devices have been ours for a few months. You can save $100 (which is nearly Rs.7,350) on the 12.9-inch model […]

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