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Recently, we have found that people are crazy about knowing the specialty of a particular fitness tracker called Zeblaze Thor 5 PRO. That’s why we have decided to give Zeblaze Thor 5 PRO review to our friends.

Last two years, fitness tracking instruments are rapid is in sales. People want to build their health and this is the cause of fitness tracking.

Okay, we are here to give you the information that will help you to decide whether you should buy the tracker or not. In the following passages, we have put down each, and every result of the review.


Wireless Connectivity-Bluetooth, Cellular, Wi-Fi
Screen Size-1.6 inches 
Resolution-320 x 320 Pixel
Battery Life-800mAh (30-48 Hours)
Supported Application Fitness tracker alarm calendar, Weather, heart rate monitor, Camera
Interface Input-Dial 
Sim Card-Nano Sim (Single)
OS-Android 7.1.1
Camera- 5 million+5 million dual cameras

These are the most notable features for Thor 5 PRO. Now, you may want to something more then here are other additional specifications where you have to put your attention.


Bluetooth VersionBluetooth 4.0

Screen Size

Screen Size And Type-1.6 inch LTPS Crystal Display

Standby Duration

Standby Time-48 hrs+ (depending on the usage)

Band Material Type

Band Material- Italian Calf Leather

Case Material

Case Material Type-laser carbon fiber textured case


Processor-MTK6739 quad-core
Display-1.6-inch LTPS
Glass Type-Corning Gorilla
Memory-3GB+32GB large

Our Verdict / Opinion About Zeblaze Thor 5 PRO

In short, Zeblaze Thor 5 Pro is suitable for overall activities (Wireless Connectivity, Fitness Tracking, Comfortable, Designing) but if you need pro-level fitness tracking then you can go for other fitness trackers.

In the Zeblaze Thor review, we have found that all the features have a decent level of accuracy. On the other hand, it shows a professional appearance that would generally exist in Smartwatch.

Hence, you can surely buy it as most of the specifications are practical, accurate, and easy to use.

Advantages And Overview Of Zeblaze Thor 5 PRO


At first, we thought it was a Smartwatch because most of the smartwatches-brand used to prefer this type of outlook. But after analyzing we have made out the actual trick.

Actually, Zeblaze wants to improve their user intent, in the previous model Zeblaze Thor 5 was not as popular as required then they researched where they have found some different necessities.

As we can see this model shows a formal appearance. However, most fitness trackers reflect light and thin figures.

However, in Zeblaze Thor 5 PRO we can take the advantage of a 3D laser carbon fiber textured case, a High-hardness ceramic bezel, 22m Italian calf leather double material removable strap.


We all care about the Configuration. No matter how useful they are most of us are purely fond of trendy features. Generally, Electronic wearable companies make tons of features where Zeblaze is focusing on the most useful specifications.

MTK6739 quad-core processor, 1.6-inch LTPS display, 5 million+5 million dual cameras, Corning Gorilla Glass, 3GB+32GB large memory could be the combination for formal and sporty life-leaders.

We buy a catchy model but after some days it shows bad functioning. The quad-core processor is extremely helpful for better functioning, operates your tasks with smoothness and smartness.

In-display, we have access to a 1.6-inch LTPS display that provides us the better operating usability.

And do not worry about the Glass the glasses are made to survive in the rough and tough situation (Of course if you are not experimenting with the watch by a rock stone), the corning gorilla glass will stand there to protect your watch.

In addition, 3GB+32GB large memory, 5 million+5 million dual cameras will support you to capture and your favorite moments.


Look, Fitness trackers is a gadget that allow us to use in the sweat, soil, water. In the playground, gym, we must have difficult situation.

Hence, manufactures take care of this section, in Zeblaze Thor 5 they tried their best to improve the durability.

The Italian Calf lather removable strap, Corning Gorilla Glass make it suitable for sporty activities.

Health Monitoring

Health monitoring is one of the major activity tracking in Smartwatch or Fitness Tracker Industry.

People who are serious about their health used to seek a monitoring device. To keep that necessity, Zeblaze offers you various health tracking.

For heart rate monitoring, we have access to 24 hours HR monitoring automatically. If you attach the watch with your mobile’s health monitoring app it will notify you of the unnatural changes in your Heartbeats.

Therefore, you are safe and healthy. No major hidden issues can harm you.

Enjoy Your Sports With Improvement Tracking

This is main reason why we used to buy a fitness tracker. Very few trackers provides such as a useful tracking facilities.

In this watch you can have access to running, climbing, hiking, skipping, walking, Ping-pong, Basketball, Badminton, Soccer modes, and so on.

The app features have the benefits of Running, Walking, Climbing, or Riding mode, and your travel route. Hence, track every moment because thus you can improve your performance.

Otherwise, all will go in ruin. Most experienced trainers said, with fitness tracking will run but it’s not possible to achieve your goals.

Other Facilities

Zeblaze is offering you the best features with your smartphone. Using Zeblaze Thor 5 Pro, one can use the voice search, offline music, WiFi, weather, support of Multi-media download, camera, e-book, MP3, MP4, call reminder, message notification, remote camera, answering calls, making calls, 4G call.

Is it not enough in that range? They have covered every part of smartphone functioning with the fitness tracker.

Positive, And Negative

After Zeblaze Thor 5 PRO review all the key factors of, we have come to a end. The following are the strength and weakness of the Thor 5 PRO.

Wireless ConnectivityNeed More Health Tracking Features
Fitness TrackingNeed more configuration
Truly Multi-functional

Pro Tip: Buying Guide

Whenever you buy a smartwatch or smartphone, you would check the features, or configurations.

This is the point where you need to ask something. Before making the final decision, you must consider the following points.

  1. Main Purpose of Buying A Smartwatch, or Fitness Tracker
  2. The Price Is High But Are The Advantages Truly Useful
  3. Type of Daily Life You Lead

These three points will help you to take the right decision.

Most often we buy a gadget and the reason is the features are brand new, do not do that. Check your requirement and lifestyle. This will decide your requirements.

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