3 Best Smartwatches For Swimmers In 2022

Swimming is a complex sport to track improvement. You need the best smartwatches for swimmers to track the required improvement and recommendations. On this page, we are going to discuss, start-to-end guidance and a list of smartwatches for swim tracking. 

Tracking swimming will help a player to achieve their pick potential with gradual improvements. 

Before checking the best items of fitness trackers for swimmers you must check some crucial points below.

Things To Check Before Buying Water-Resistant Smartwatch

Tracking performance in swimming is the first step towards progress. Athletes can multiply their efforts by checking the point of strength and weakness in their performance. But however, you have to get a device that will fulfill your requirements as a swimmer. 

Now, you may literally jump into any Online e-commerce Store and search for the best smartwatches for swimmers. 

But the problem is that ideally, water-resistant smartwatches are hard to select from the crowd because almost every smartwatch or fitness tracker is water-resistant at a certain level. 

Hence, your job is to find the most suitable smartwatches that are specially built for water sports. 

Here are the key features you must check before buying a smartwatch for swimming. 

Strap Material And Width 

Usually, in sport, you must avoid Metal and leather straps along with your smartwatch. The reason is crystal clear- 

  • Sweat and dust are not healthy for leather straps 
  • Metal straps make a smartwatch heavy 

Fabric and Silicone straps are preferred to use in sports. However, if you narrow down the usability we can see fabric straps go with non-water outdoor sports as it absorbs water and gets heavier. 

In addition, wet straps could be a cause of skin infection. Therefore silicone straps seem highly useful inside the water. 

The width of the straps is important in swimming to maintain the efficiency of strokes during swimming. 

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Smartwatch Strap’s width and case size could work as a barrier against water. It may cause tracking errors. 

bandwidth used to win on the wrist and does create any resistance during swimming. 

Detailed Water Resistibility 

Not every water resistibility level is not ideal for swimming. There are different stages of water resistance rating by IEC.

For pool swimming or open water, swimming users must get at least above 5 ATM water-resistant smartwatches. 

Be careful to choose a smartwatch while taking smartwatches for swimmers. Because only water resistance is not enough to use a fitness watch inside the water. 

According to the International Electrotechnical Commission, Below 3 ATM smartwatches are splashproof, and 5 ATMs are safe to use in the pool water swimming or open water swimming. For high-speed sports, users must take above 10 ATM smartwatches. 

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Display Lights 

Water drops create problems when watching the display and lights. To see properly an OLED, AMOLED display with neon contract light helps to see and read the screen more clearly. 

Dull themes and watch faces often take time to understand digits on the watch screen. 

Therefore you need such display quality and reflection that can be easily visible in the water, and even inside the swimming glass. 

Advanced Swim Performance Tracking 

Without swim tracking benefits you have no reason to use a swim tracking gadget. Get the best features like resting time management, stroke time or kicking time, blood pressure and heart rate during after swimming, etc. 

Moreover, advanced swimming alerts and improvement recommendations are crucial parts of the process. 

Best Smartwatches With Better Swimming Advantages

Garmin Swim 2

Garmin Swim 2 is one of the useful fitness trackers for swimmers. Users are free to track hearts in the open water swimming. 

Using wrist-based heart rate monitoring, users can check the heart rate behavior during stoke, rest, and the start of swimming. Additionally, Garmin swim 2 offers a focused swim mode for swimmers including performance tracking to improvements suggestions.

Garmin Swim 2

Chroma displays make it easier to watch in the water. Also, no more disappointment from battery life as the Garmin Swim 2 comes with 7 days, 13 hours, and 72 hours of battery life for different kinds of modes.

Pros And Cons

Silicone Bands Specially Built For Swimmers
Light WeightedSystems Can Be Simplify
Small and Fit 
Advanced Swim Features 
Heart Rate Monitor In Water 

Key Specs

Resolution 208 x 208 Pixels
Band Material Silicone
Screen Size 1.04 inches
Heart Rate Monitor Yes
Department Unisex-adult

Technical Advantages

Make Wireless Connections 

Like other smartwatches, Garmin Swim offers several smart features such as a Bluetooth connection with a smartphone. Managing emails, social media notifications, sharing fitness progress online data with coaches, GPS, and so on. 

Connecting with Garmin connect fitness app you can easily access your overall fitness data on the analytics board. 

Brilliant Designed For Water 

Garmin swim 2 is not just a low water-resistant smartwatch. With… Water-resistant you can wear and swim by enabling the pool as well as open water modes. The round chroma Display is so useful underwater that everyone you see it through their swimming glasses.

During the workout, you have no fear of sweat, water, and dust. 5-button interface display makes it easier to use inside the water.

Large Range Of Swimming Availability 

With Garmin Swim 2 smartwatch users can not only swim in pools. But built-in GPS allows them to swim in lakes, rivers, and oceans. Go and enjoy the strokes swimmers.

Highly Focused Swim Features 

Garmin has carefully designed Garmin swim 2 for special swim training. With pool and open water availability you can check high professional swim practices such as-

  • Kicking Alarm 
  • Critical Swim Speed
  • Rest Time Measurement 
  • Anaerobic Threshold Speed 
  • Sculling Drills 

Check them during your training to enhance your performance.

Apple Watch Series 7

Without promoting anything we can accept that Apple Watch Series 7 is one of the best models of the Apple Watch Series.

However, the improvement of from Watch Series 6 is slightly low. In the current model of the Apple Watch Series 7, we can get GPS, calender, 64-bit dual-core processor, Pedometer, and Sleep tracking, with a human input button.

Apple Watch Series 7 for Swimming

The side button digital crown is as shiny and satisfying as it was in the previous model. With a 45-millimeter screen size and aluminum case, users can take advantage of lightweight sporty comfortability.

Health tracking like elevation tracking, Heart rate monitoring, steps, calorie burns, and special sports mode is available for users.

Pros And Cons

Optical Heart Rate SensorBattery life Could Be Increased
Display FunctionsCan Be Charge With USB-C Only 
IP6X Dust Resistant; 5ATM Water Resistant 
Light Weighted  
Built-In GPS 

Key Specs

Case Weight 38.8g (45mm); 32g (41mm)
Display Always-On Retina OLED With Force Touch
Gyroscope Yes
Connectivity Bluetooth 5.0, WiFi, LTE
Width 35mm, 38mm
Water Resistibility 5ATM

Technical Advantages


S7 comes with an Always-on retina LTPO OLED display with a force touch that is exciting for the majority. The clicky surface, digital crown, and aluminum case are awesome during and after a workout. The size of the display has 20% increased from the previous version Apple Watch Series 6.

Band Materials And Design

Round curved designs with rectangular shapes are useful during outdoor sports to indoor walks. Display quality, case materials, and total weight make our wrists free from the hustle and give ease of working.

In addition, users can use different kinds of band materials such as silicone, metal, fabric, and leather.

Fitness Advantages

9 out of 10 sports modes are available in Apple Watch Series 7. You can track performance during cycling, biking, climbing, and gym. swimming, running, etc. Make every step fruitful and worthy towards the goal.

Health Tracking Features

Apple Watch Series 2 has Spo2 (Blood Oxygen Level Monitoring), ECG App with emergency SOS, and Heart rate monitoring with boundless connectivity with health App/ Apple Fitness+.

Garmin Venu 2

With an AMOLED display, Bluetooth, WiFi, and ANT+, Garmin Venu 2 offers more than 25+ indoor games, and outdoor sports facilities. With fitness tracking advantages, and GPS, users can run marathons, jog, swim in pools, open water swimming, golf, HIIT, and so on.

Garmin Venu 2 For Swimmers

To change your mood Garmin offers to download 650+ songs. Plus, make tension-free payments using Garmin Pay.

Pros And Cons

Multiple Sports ModeSleep Tracking Can Be Improved
Battery Life Durability Can Be High
Water Resistibility  
Practical Design  
Charging Duration  

Key Specs

Wight 8 Ounces
Batteries 1 Lithium Battery
Heart Rate Monitoring Yes
Display Resolution 416 x 416
Display And Design

Garmin says they want to help during hard times for your health, and fitness. With a bright AMOLED display, users can use it at night, inside the water, dust, mist, and so on.

Advanced Fitness Tracking Method

Garmin is more than only a smartwatch. Garmin manufactures extremely focused on different kinds of sports. From walking to running, jogging, swimming, cycling, climbing, HIIT Training, Golf, etc.

To check the performance of your fitness., Garmin Fitness App works like magic and is your best friend. Check every single detail from the fitness app by connecting it with your phone.

Swimming, Dedicated Sports Modes

Swimming and Running are one of the most useful features in the sports tracking section. Using sports modes users can grow with proper direction.

Tension-Free Garmin Pay, And Other Features

You have access to 650 songs on your watch from Spotify. Therefore, take advantage of your wireless headphones and listen to the sounds that inspire you. Garmin Pay allows users to pay without any problem.

Steps To Maintain A Water-Resistant Smartwatch

After swimming or washing hands there must be some presence of water between the gaps of the wrist and smartwatch straps. 

Although smartwatches are water-resistant you can take care of the device for better usage. Over time, the gaskets become loose that gradually decreasing the level of water resistibility. 

After getting wet, smartwatches must be dried to avoid skin infection and unexpected damage issues due to water. 

  1. Remove the strap from the watch case 
  2. Clean the straps with dry clothes or cotton 
  3. Using tissue paper or dry clothes clean the display and watch case 
  4. Leave it in the open air for 5-10 minutes 
  5. Assemble the components and wear the smartwatch

Rest 2 smartwatches are coming soon. That’s all guys. If you have anything to ask leave it in the comment section below.

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