HUAWEI Watch FIT Review (AMOLED Display, Sports GPS)

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Wireless Connectivity-Bluetooth 
Color-Graphic Black 
Screen Size-1.64 inches 
Watch Strap-Silicone Strap 
Supported Application Fitness tracker alarm calendar, Weather, heart rate monitor, Camera
Interface Input-Touchscreen 
Memory-4 GB 
Weight-21 g 

These are the best options of the HUAWEI Watch FIT but now we have sorted some crucial specifications that will help you to know more about this product. These are the neglected but crucial points.

Battery Life

Typical Usage10 days
Heavy Usage7 days
GPS Mode12 hours

Display And User Input

Display1.64 inch AMOLED 456 x 280 HD, The AMOLED touchscreen supports slide and touch gestures.

Water Resistance Ability

Water ResistanceAndroid 5.0 or later, iOS 9.0 or later

Additional Accessories

In The BoxCharging cradle x 1, Charging cable x 1, Quick Start Guide and Safety Information x 1

Our Verdict About HUAWEI Watch FIT

After the HUAWEI Watch FIT review, we can say that it would be a suitable smartwatch for teenagers. With AMOLED display, 90+ fitness tracking, and decent battery life will value for money.

Advantages Of HUAWEI Watch FIT

Display, And Design

The best smartwatch for teenagers always includes sporty specifications. Huawei has made this watch with a sporty point of view, in the display you can take access to a wonderful 1.64 inch rectangular AMOLED screen.

And do not worry about the user experience as it provides an ultra-clear, and wide viewing experience.

Hence, you are absolutely free to access the watch whether in sunlight or at night. It will adjust the brightness automatically. The rectangular curve will protect the watch display from thrust.

This offers an extra advantage to the users because sharp edges are not safe during rough uses.

Plus, the design appears smart and fits on your wrist. It has a way more smart and funky appearance than YAMAY smartwatches.

Life Of Battery

People shows attention in that portion because we have just 2 minutes to charge a gadgets.

In that case, we want to tell that except some smartwatch almost every smartwatch has an average level of battery life as it has lots of features that required energy.

Huawei Watch FIT offers you a different criteria limit to use the watch. As mentioned earlier, with typical use you can usage it allows 10 days, during heavy usage it offers 7 days, and in the GPS mode on you can access it near about 12 Hours.

We have reviewed hundreds of Smartwatches, but this watch brand shows something different.

They set conditions and the usage limit. Most of the usage limits are accurate. We think this is suitable battery life in that range.

90+ Workout Modes

We strongly recommend you to use a fitness tracker or smartwatch for fitness tracking.

It not only tracks your fitness but also motivates you to do better than before. Otherwise, you will lose in the stress and diet.

Especially, this is the condition when you need to focus on yourself and close one’s health. In that case, Huawei Watch FIT offers you 12 kinds of animated quick workouts such as full-body stretch includes 44 stand movements.

Moreover, 11 other professional modes for real-time metrics such as running, swimming, and cycling. And 85 custom training sections for heart rate, calorie burn tracking.

This watch is focused on highly fitness oriented activities hence we are inviting you to join the fitness club and take access the most advanced fitness training.

Transform Your Watch By A Click

As you are using a smartwatch you have the opportunity to transform your watch with the help of a single click. Traditional watch lovers will understand the interesting experience of this feature.

Like Apple, Samsung, Fitbit, Huawei has implemented various watch faces. This colorful watch will make the wrist attractive to the crowd.

Let’s personalize your wrist with colorful AMOLED watch faces. You can set your own images in the watch face as it offers 5 photos to save.

Some of us, do not like crazy neon colors on their wrist.

No problem, this watch has formal watch interfaces, and if you want something personalize you can try your images there.

Monitor Your Health Like A Pro

Access the features of health tracking of this Huawei Watch FIT. These features prove really helpful for short and quick health issue tracking such as heart rate monitoring, Blood oxygen level, blood pressure, sleep monitoring (In other smartwatches).

If you are truly health concious kindly, pay attention to the following following passages to the following passages.

Using Huawei Watch FIT, TruSeen 4.0 HR monitoring with an optimum level of accuracy, blood oxygen level monitoring even when you are sleeping.

Again, the watch will remind you the condition of your heart and health using the fitness app integration.

Positive, And Negative

Battery LifeScreen Size Can Be Improved
High-Level Sports Modes
Health Monitoring
Wireless Connectivity

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