Best Smartwatches For Pregnant Women

Out of several fitness trackers, we have sorted out some smartwatches for the health tracking of pregnant women. You may see hundreds of suggestion for fitness tracking. But all are not best smartwatches for pregnant women.

Check the following suggestions and consider the benefits.

Know Before Buying Smartwatches For Pregnanct Women (Buyer Guidance)

Smartwatch is a useful and handy health tracker. Expecting mothers needs take care and that’s why people consider this gadget. But Can A Pregnant Women wear smartwatch?

After you make a clarity from the article above you can consider the following points-

To monitor the health of pregnant women-

Light Weighted And Comfortable

If you choose something heavy it may cause of irretation. As you are planning to use it for health monitoring then you might need comfortable wearables on the wrist.

Built With Female Health Tracking

Before having baby, women are suggested to go for chekups for multiple times in a month. But using fitness tracker, you can check the condition of her health.

Choose such fitness trackers that provides fitness data like-

  • Blood pressure monetoring
  • Heart Rate Checker
  • Pulse Monitoring
  • Sleep And Stress Sensor

Note: smartwatch is a wearable technology it can give you a frequent and avg update of health. If you ask can fitness watch accurate blood pressure reading?

Then we have to say it’s wrong to expect such kind of accuracy from a fitness tracker. No matter how expensive a smartwatch is you must take the data as a quick update.

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Provides Health Tracking Related To Mother And Baby

Most importantly the fitness tracking app need to provide easy to understand and most useful data. Data that is required during pregnancy.

There are multiple fitness tracker and it’s respective app where we can get hundreds of sports mode and analytics.

However, for expecting mother you need core health tracking algorithm in the fitness tracking app.

Which Smartwatch Is The Best For Pregnancy

Garmin is working for pregnant women. Interestingly, Garmin lily is capable to measure baby posture. You have other options like Apple and Fitbit.

Do Doctors Recommend Fitness Tracker For Pregnant Women?

Pregnancy is a sensitive topic therefore doctors usually don’t prescribe any smartwatch or fitness tracker for serious checkups but suggest overall daily health updates.

Why Should A Pregnant Woman Use Health Tracker?

During pregnancy, medical checkups are not necessary daily but a health tracker helps to check several crucial like blood pressure, heart rate, sleep, baby heartbeat, and baby posture monitoring.

Fitbit Versa 2

Fitbit Versa 2 For Pregnant Women

Benefits (Budget-Friendly Tracking)

  • HR Monitor
  • Durable Display
  • Multiple Health Trackers
  • Light-Weighted
  • Built-In Alexa and GPS

Pros And Cons

HR MonetoringBattery Life Can Be Better
Light-Weighted And Comfortable 
Stress Monetoring  
Smooth And Effective 


Fitbit Versa 2 has powerful Amoled touchscreen display. The display resolution is completely square 300 x 300 pixel. Highly durable s it comes with corning gorilla glass.


With Aluminium case material, and bold display it appears cool, and sporty on your wrist. Fitbit manufactures unisex model. Versa 2 has 38 grams of weight that is light and comfortable to wear for all day long.

Wireless Advantages

Built-in Alexa, GPS, Bluetooth makes Versa 2 versatile from the previous version. With these facilities, you can receive calls, ask questions, listen to news, and music. Google assistant and Alexa are right on your wrist.

In addition, you can stay active on messages, chats, alarms, of your daily schedule through out the day without touching the smartphone.

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Tracking Benefits

Mutiple Sports mode including run, bike, yoga, walking. Bio metric are ready to check the condition of the heart, sleep, and overall stress of your health.

It’s healthy when you expect trackers like pulse monitor, and step tracker.

Battery Life And Water Resistibility

Fitbit Versa 2 has 5 ATM water resistibility. In many cases, it goes beyond. But this enough for showering, washing, pool swimming.

With Lithium Ion batteries, you can go up to 3 days. Take the 12 minute fast charging advantages.

Can You Wear Fitbit When You Are Pregnant?

Fitbit Fitness trackers are helpful during pregnancy because it provides multiple women’s health tracking such as menstrual system tracking, and blood pressure, sleep stress, heart rate tracking.

Is There Any Female Oriented Feature In Fitbit Trackers?

Among several useful features for women, Fitbit offers a dedicated section for women.  In Fitbit Mobile App, there is female health tracking tile section. 

What Is Best For Pregnant Women, Fitbit Versa 2 or 3?

Fitbit is a good option for women’s fitness tracking. Both have nearly the same useful feature for pregnant women however Fitbit Versa 2 is less expensive.

Garmin Vivo Move Style

garmin Vivo move

Benefits (Combine Fitness And Health)

  • Female Health Tracking
  • GPS
  • Health Tracking
  • Smooth Functions
  • Good For Pregnancy Health Tracking

Pros And Cons

GPSA Little Bulky 
Battery LifeTouch Functionality Can Be Improved
Fitness Flexibility 
Water Resistibility 
Take Care Of Pregnant Women  


Garmin makes durable and fitness focused model. Garmin Vivo Move has dual Amoled touchscreem dsiplay. The Spohosticated analog display fit and goes with necessity.


Garmin Vivo Move has 1.23 ounces with graphite black woven Nylon band. More than style it has impact on health and fitness. Therefore, we emphazie to consider the health and fitness tracking benefits.

Wireless Advantages

Take advantages of Garmin Pay, Take Calls, Answer messages, Track GPS, Mnage social medai notifications, calender, useful reminder, and so on.

Tracking Benefits

Take advantages of Garmin Pay, Take Calls, Answer messages, Track GPS, Mnage social medai notifications, calender, useful reminder, and so on.

Battery Life And Water Resistibiltiy

Like other smartwatches in the list Garmin Vivo Move has Lithum Polymer rechargible battery cell to provide 5 days of battery life.

Additionally, garmin support says you can wear it on- swimming, rain, snow, showering, splashes but not supported with high-speed water sports.

Is Garmin Watch Capable Of Track Health Factors For Pregnant?

Garmin smartwatches have several pregnancy tracking features that can be operated through Garmin connect App.

Amazfit GTS 2 Mini Fitness Tracker

Benefits (Best For Fitness Girls)

  • Female Health Tracking
  • 70+ Sports Mode
  • Good Battery Life
  • 5ATM Water Resistibility

Pros And Cons

Battery lifeDesign Is Too Sporty
Sports ModeGPS Lacks A Little
Health Tracking 


Amazfit GTS 2 has Amoled touchscreen rectangular Display. Display dimention: 1.55 inch inches which a little bit large than other female smartwatches for women. In addition, it is safe to use daily with tempered glass.


This is actually a unisex model, with various useful options for crucial health tracking. Amazfit GTS 2 come s with muti-coored silicone strap that is weighted 1.12 inches.

GTS 2 has similarity with Fitbit smartwatches. It would be ideal favorite for those who love funky, light weifhted, rectangular durable designs on their wrist for health and finess tracking.

Wireless Advantages

With Built-in GPS, it has wireless features like Built-in Alexa, GPS to command and listen your favorite songs, find locations, weather updatess, transaction, controlling smart home devices, and so on.

Moreover, get wireless access to your smartphone where you can get mutiple accessibility. From phone call receive to email check you can do mutiple operations right from youre wrist.

Tracking Benefits

Amazfit GTS 2 provides 70+ sports mode that is massive in amount. Don’t worry about your sports type. From Yoga to Climbing you have everything to play and check the progress.

However, for women who going to have baby, can take advantages of mutiple health factors such as stress monetoring, Spo2, Sleep, HR monetoring, menstrual cycle tracking, and so on.

Battery life And Water Resistibility

Amazfit has not disappointed with us poor battery life. Having 220mAh battery life you can go on upto 12-14 days. However, it depnds on the amount of usage.

On the other hand, we have 5ATM water resistibility, thus you can swim, shower, and wash while wearing the smartwatch.

Fossil Gen 5 Juliana Smartwatch

Fossil Gen 5E Rose Gold

Benefits (Stylish Fitness And Health)

  • Female Friendly
  • Light Weighted
  • Multiple Health Tracking
  • Good Combination Of Fashion And Fitness

Pros And Cons

Impressive Female FeatureDesigned For Dedicatedly Female
Battery LifeNeed Few Tracking Features
Light Weight  
Made To Wear On Mutiple Occassions  
Health Tracking 


Fossil Gen 5E offers Touchscreen, Amoled display with round shape dial. Small screen, managable brightness, touch smoothness is highly mentionable in this model of fossil.

The Amoled lights gives a eye frindliness for day and night.


Smartwatches are literally annoying if it provides mutiple female oriented fitness features but poor at design.

Fossil Gen 5E Model like Juliyana, OR Model: FTW6066 has impressive design goes with female fashion. In Fossil Gen 5E stainless steel rose Gold , we can get 42mm case diameter, 12mm case thickness stainess steel finish.

It’s a design called “suitable for a female wrist”. In addtion, you have interchangible watch straps. Hence, you can try mutiple colors of silicone straps, and metal straps.

Wireless Advantages

In the smart feature list we have Bluetooth and Wifi connectivity to sync with smartphone. Operate mutiplt smartphone specifications like messages, email, social media notifications, remiders of walk, water drinking, rest, sleep help to take care.

Tracking Benefits

Fossil Gen 5E works with Android and iOs version. Sensors of Fossil Gen 5E help to check steps, Hr rate, sleep, diffrent sports mode with cardio or breathing.

Take advantage Of Fossil Fitness App Analytics for health tracking. Here is the guide to use fitness tracking app of Fossil.

In the Fossil App You can check overall health condition. Here, we want to mention the top quality of this model.

Although Fossil Gen 5E looks like a fashion watch for female, it has mentionable fitness and health tracking features.

Battery Life And Water Resistibility

Fossil Genn 5E has more than 24 hours of battery life which is impressive. With Lithium ion rechargible battery you can get a whole day to work without the magnetic charger snaps of Fossil.

During washing hands you are safe and able to put on the smartwatch as it holds 5ATM battery life.

Apple Watch Series 3

Apple watch S3 for women

Benefits (Formal Health Tracking)

  • Sleep Quality
  • Stress Monitoring
  • Heart Rate Monetoring
  • Comfortable
  • Eye-Retina Friendly

Pros And Cons

DisplayLittle Expensive
Light-WeightFocused On Only Health
HR Monetoring  
Water Resistibility 
Health Tracking 

In the section of Apple Watch Series 3, we have limited but super-useful benefits to share. First of all, this is a health-oriented smartwatch.


With 11.4mm case thickness, Watch series 3 has a Retina OLED display, Ion-X strengthened glass, etc. The display resolution is for 272 x 340 (38mm) , and 312 x 390 (42mm).


With the 38mm, and 42mm case sizes, you can have a big and a small case on your wrist. Curved rectangular shape and smooth aluminum finish make it comfortable and fit on your wrists.

On the other hand, the shape of the display and the position of the digital crown make it unique in a meaningful sense. Generally, it comes with a silicone strap but you can change it via metal, Fabric, or Leather straps.

Wireless Advantages

Like another model of Apple Watch, this one also provides smooth wireless connectivity with Bluetooth 4.2 you can listen to music, audiobooks, podcasts, etc. Moreover, get access to notifications like email, social media, reply to messages, receive phone calls, GPS, and so on.

Tracking Benefits

With an optical heart rate sensor, we can see Altimeter, ambient light sensor, and gyroscope in Apple series 3.

To monitor the health and fitness during pregnancy Apple S3 provides footsteps, sleep quality, Heart rate, and calories burnt.

Battery Life And Water Resistivity

Apple took care of their customer in every situation that’s why water resistivity is one of the top-level priorities. In Watch Series 3 we are getting a Swimproof facility with 50 meters of water resistibility.

On the other hand, users get 15-18 hours of battery life from rechargeable lithium-ion battery life.

Is Apple Watch Good For Pregnant Women?

The Apple watch has multiple features that are useful for pregnant women. Such blood pressure, sleep, stress, Heart rate, and Spo2, are a set of useful features to care for pregnant women.

Can I Use Apple Watch As A Baby Monitor?

Yes, you can use an apple watch to monitor a fetal baby’s heartbeat.