Should we use Oximeter or Smartwatch for COVID 19 SpO2 Reading? (Doctor Opinion)

Oximeter Or Smartwatch

After Covid-19, people rushing towards the medical shop for a blood oxygen level detector. But few of them are not outreaching for the clinical detector. They believe their smartwatch is way more smarter than Oximeter. Is it? Should we use Oximeter or Smartwatch?

One of my friends are ready to buy a smartwatch at Rs. 30,000 (More than $400) where Oximeter is available in the slight percentage of it.

When I asked him the reason why he chooses a smartwatch Oxygen level detection then he replied with a statement that isn’t logical.

He said,

“I used to prefer smartwatch for its versatile mechanism, I can do a lot of things with that but not Oximeter, Plus It is precious that pays the value”

First of all that’s true that smartwatch has a lot more advantages than Oximeter but price is not a reasonable parameter.

Right now, the situation is not going to a safe corner. We are still in danger. At this time, positive candidates are distributed into two main categories.

One who need hospital isolation (Poor Oxygen Level) and another (Intermediate Level) is home isolation.

Hence, the oxygen level is the key factor of your condition. However, let’s focus on the actual facts behind this question.

Accuracy Level Of Smartwatch

Being smart and premium, smartwatch is a choice for all affortable candidates for oxygen level detection.

On the contrary, Dr. Deepak Aggarwal, cardiac surgery, senior consultant, told- most of the Oximeters have fluctuating levels of detection but they are above the smartwatch.

He said smartwatches are not enough to measure clinical level detection they are good at consumer-level service. Pulse Oximetry is another level of detection it requires more nuances.

Accuracy Level Of Oximeter

The level of oxygen in your body defines your durability to fight against covid-19 (passively). It’s crucial to know the most probable value otherwise the candidate may face difficulties.

The device (Oximeter) works with a pair of LEDs and a processor. The measurement of oxygen depends on the factor of light absorption level through our blood. In the LEDs, one is RED and infrared ray having 650 nanometers and 950-nanometer wavelength respectively.

Oxygenated blood absorbs more infrared rays and allows RED light to pass through. And non-oxygenated blood allows infrared rays to pass through and absorbs Red light.

Dr. Ajay Mohan explained the blood oxygen level is more when the saturation level more than 90% and the accuracy fluctuates when the saturation becomes below 90%.

Best Smartwatch Brands Working On SpO2 Detection

Tons of brands are working on the SpO2 detection. Those are available in various shapes, size, and monitoring features.

Amazfit has invested a lot to develop the detection level and AI chip. After the detection of a professional oxygen analyzer, a result has come up with less than a 2% fluctuation rate.

However, they are working hard to make their devices medically approved.

Still, Accuracy Is A Remaining Factor

Both devices are okay, they are not accurate enough in low saturation level. This problem could dangerous for having less than 40%-50% oxygen lebel patients.

That’s why we need to measure it more accurately. In that case. Dr. Deepak Krishnamurthy, the Senior Interventional Cardiologist, said

“Both the Oximeter and the smartwatches can be fairly accurate, but it is important to check and calibrate in doctor’s office to confirm the accuracy”

It’s tough to know which of the brands are working more accurately. Hence, the calibration level checkup is the safest way available.

Data And source Provided By: India Today

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