Shocking Camera Bug In WhatsApp Beta For Android Version

camera bug in whatsapp beta

A few hours ago WhatsApp confirms that they have some issues related to the camera bug in WhatsApp Beta version Android.

In the previous days, chatting App was not so secure to use but WhatsApp has changed the rule of privacy and security.

Now, after the recent Privacy policy update, people have become more aware, and sensitive about privacy. But Who did knock the bug to WhatsApp. And What is the actual problem? Let’s know- What’s happened in the last 24 hours.

A few hours ago Twitter has confirmed that they have some issues with the Zoom-in camera of the android beta versions.

What’s Is The Actual Camera Bug In WhatsApp?

In the recent tweet of WABetainfo, WhatsApp was surveying any issues of media downloading on android devices.

Where few users show their dissatisfaction against the camera bugs in WhatsApp beta versions and business beta versions

However, here is the tweet that conforms to the camera bug in WhatsApp.

Hopefully, they will fix that as soon as possible for their real-time users. Are facing any type of problem-related to WhatsApp? Kindly, let us know.

We will do our best to knock the official authority of WhatsApp. Or You can knock the Offical WhatsApp Twitter account of WhatsApp, called

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