See The Credibility Of Sifu’s Kung Fu Combat

The Credibility Of Sifu's Kung Fu Combat

According to Felix, the marketing manager of Sloclap, they have to build a different martial arts gameplay experience that is centralized with the credibility of Sifu’s Kung fu combat.

The whole structure is based on real-life kung fu, martial art combat. In this particular gameplay, they have focused on the credibility of a solo player. Challenges are developed so practically that players will learn the tactics of martial art in the game. Thus they will live of level up.

Sifu’s Combat Structure

The structure of this game consists of three main aspirations- faithful animation, credibility, realistic combat techniques.

Such as you can feel the moment of fighting with villains in the nightclub where they are throwing bottles towards you. And you are applying some martial instincts by jumping over the table and smashing them like Bruce Lee.

During fighting sessions, you can take the advantage of jumping over or ducking under to incoming attacks, and this the key of your success because the balance gauge is everything.

Managing the strategy to break the opponent’s structure will smash them, and you will get a powerful take down there.

But if your own structure gauge is filled you are unable to attack or defend.

If you planning to block the attacks, I would suggest you, please avoid these. Because they will fill your balance gauge, instead, you can follow the dodges that are live savers for you.

Still, there are a lot of things to discover, however, the overall experience is truly realistic, and need the pro mentality to play, and win the battle.

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