Satya Nadella Says Microsoft Is Different Now In 2021 Than 2000

Microsoft is different now

According to current Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, Microsoft is quite different now.

At a time, someone among the reporter asked him about the”inappropriate relationship” of Bill Gates with a female employee.

But in reply, Mr. Nadella represents something punchy. He says the company is “very different” than 2000.

After 25 years, Microsoft made him the world’s richest person in the world.

There are many statements about the relationship between a female employee and Gates before 20 years ago but this is not the reason for leaving the leading in Microsoft.

In addition, Microsoft CEO talked about the comfortability of the employee. He says,

“Overall the power dynamic in the workplace is not something that needs to be abused in any form”

To avoid these issues, Since 2006 kinds of staff are instructed to disclose any relationship with other employees.

Furthermore, Mr. Nadella said,

“…In that context, the fact that anyone can raise any issue — even an issue from 20 years ago — we will investigate, take action to the satisfaction of the person who has raised it”

Data And Source: Independent(Uk)

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