S12 Smartwatch For Golfers, Launched By Garmin In India At Rs. 20990

S12 Smartwatch For Golfers

To improve the game of Golfers, today Garmin launched a GPS-enabled smartwatch S12.

Impressively, it provides accurate data for each swing.

Note: If golfing is unknown to you then you must learn that it is a niche sport, requires steady techniques, and a great course to win the hole. Garmin enhanced the S12 with some essential elements to improve their game. It forms every swing that also adds an amazing style of personalization.

With the interchangeable quick-release band, it provides a 1.3-inch display (Readable In Sunlight).

S12 Smartwatch For Golfers

The company claims this gadget will perform 30 hours with GPS mode on a single charge.

Garmin Golf App updates player’s data with various integrations such as review live scoring, tournaments, automatic scorecard uploads, strokes analysis, and so on.

S12 approached by Garmin to be available at Rs. 20990 on Flpkart, Amazon.in, Tata clip, etc.

In addition, it will be available in offline stores Bhasin Sports (Gurgaon), World Of Golf Stores (Pune), Bangalore Golf Stores, and so on.

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