Recycle Your Gadgets With DELL | Easy, And Quick Ewaste Solution

Recycle Your Gadgets With DELL's Easy

In the last few years, Giant tech brands are taking crucial decisions on behalf of the environment. Microsoft, Apple, Samsung, And now you can recycle your gadgets with DELL supervised Ewaste solution. It sounds complex but in reality, they have organized their system so helpfully that users can access it easily.

But which type of gadgets can be recycled? What is the percentage rate of damage?

On the official website, DELL has declared that they are going to recycle all unwanted computers, game consoles to ink cartridges.

Let’s dive into the process of registering your problem to DELL officially.

How To Apply To DELL For Recycle E-Waste?

  1. Visit DELL offical Website
  2. Then Slighly Scroll Down
  3. Select The Country Setting From The Drop Down Menu
  4. After That Choose The E-Waste Uses Source [Home or Home Office / Business]
  5. Then You Will Get product Category [PC and Laptops, Batteries, INK Or Toner Catridges]

After completing the process you will be redirected to a page where you can see three options. Firstly, let’s see whether you have some product to trade with DELL, it would be a great deal for you.

Secondly, you can donate any of your old wasted gadgets. DELL will recycle it for free and people will get more opportunities to gain skills and training.

Lastly, if you have a gadget that has accidentally been damaged, and could be Recycled properly, send them a recycle request from the last option of the page.

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