PUBG Did Collaboration With K-pop Group BLACKPINK

PUBG did collaboration With K-pop Group BLACKPINK

Salt in the new dish for gamers, PUBG did collaboration With K-pop Group BLACKPINK. To release a new line of character customizations South Korean developer KRAFTON announced.

PUBG was partnering with K-pop sensation BLACKPINK.

Famous mobile battle royale game PUBG is getting a K-pop makeover. South Korean developer KRAFTON announced that PUBG was partnering with K-pop sensation BLACKPINK to release a new line of character customizations and in-game tasks.

In addition, the new line of customizations includes:

  • new parachute skin
  • a new airdrop design
  • new emotes and many more.

Along with this, fans of the girl group would also be able to listen to their latest sensation ‘Lovesick Girls’ in the game.

Collaboration: PUBG With Blackpink

On the PUBG Battlegrounds Twitter page its officially announced the game customizations, players will have to participate in special in-game event missions to earn points to acquire the PUBG x Blackpink items.

The events would be held between August 8- September 7 where players can acquire as many as 37 customizations including a level three helmet and contraband coupons.

Also, each of the band members to Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé, and Lisa to will have their own cosmetic bundles with Themed hair.

  • An outfit
  • A nameplate
  • Helmet
  • Weapon
  • Emote.

PUBG 13.1 Update

The PUBG 13.1 Update is currently live in the game.

KRAFTON said in a statement that  “We cannot express our thanks enough for all the great feedback and player comments regarding the release of Taego with Update 12.2.

Thanks to your constructive feedback, we’re making lots of changes and improvements to Taego; let’s jump into it!”

Who is Blackpink?

YG Entertainment had announced the 5th Anniversary project for Blackpink’s debut anniversary as a 4+1 Project.

Watch the trailer video here

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