5 Points To Check When Buying Gaming Keyboard

Buying Gaming Keyboards

Are you planning to buy a new gaming keyboard? You have everything in the setup, gaming chair, play stations support, your gaming PC but you are confused whether buying gaming keyboards are beneficial or not, right! Let me share your short story about it.

Few days before I write this article my friend john was excited to buy a gaming keyboard for his son. His son had told him to buy the best keyboard for playing FIFA.

Then, he visited an e-commerce store and bought a keyboard of Redragon. But after some days, his son complaining that the keyboard doesn’t sound better.

Hence, whenever you buy a brand new gaming keyboard you need to check some crucial points. On this page, we are sharing the most important points.

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How To Choose the Best Gaming Keyboard?

This is most important question of thiis topic. How you can choose the best gaming keyboards. In that case, you have to consider the following points before buying a gaming keyboard such as-

  • What Would Be The Best Between Membrane and Mechanical
  • Buttons, And Customizations
  • Keyboard Size
  • Backlit Reflection
  • Key Rollers

If you judge these factors then you have reduced the chance of buying a bad gaming keyboard. You can easily filter the best option on the basis of your budget, and requirements.

What To Look For In A Gaming Keyboard?

All the mentioned points are above that can help you to choose the the best gaming keyboard. Now, let’s discuss the points elaborately.

The Best Between Membrane and Mechanical

No idea about these types of keyboards, Don’t worry let’s learn-

What is membrane keyboards? Membrane keyboards are truly versatile thin designed keyboards. They are not so expensive and non-tactical terms of ‘clicky’ feelings. If you have used this type of keyboard before then we must say that gaming isn’t “butter-soft typing”. Sometimes, it’s become tough to decide whether the click is pressed or not.

On the other hand, If you ask What is a Mechanical Keyboard? From years ago, it’s been famous for its’ key patterns. Under each key, there are individual springs, stems, and housings. The mechanical audio sounds will satisfy you after pressing each button on your keyboard.

Those who have not used them before can’t understand the real feel. However, the choice is completely yours.

Buttons, And Customizations

Buttons play a vital role in terms of gaming actions. There are few customizations you can try to make your experience better.

If you are using a mechanical keyboard then you can make the springs softer and also harder. Few keys are not customizable ex. ‘Enter’, or ‘Space’, here you can simply swap out the texture.

And have the custom on top print. Moreover, don’t forget to check the special keys that especially operate short-cut options at a time. Generally, it’s located on the right-hand side of your keyboard.

Keyboard Size

Gaming does not mean slow activity, it includes quick movements of fingers, wrist, and also you whole body. Here the keyboard size becomes a factor.

Basically, A long keyboard has 104-105 keys but for gaming, you need to have several keys, especially the number plates on the right hand.

If you are not comfortable with the number pad then you can go for the ‘Tenkeyless’ size that is loved by pro-gamers. And don’t be worried, there will be everything on the keyboard including cursor keys.

Backlit Reflection

Lighting and Illumination is the key to a gaming key. You may have seen gaming keyboards had rainbow-like backlit reflections behind the keys.

These backlit customs are can separate on the basis of mostly used area and rare-used area. Here the developers have designed the features to improve your gaming experience.

The more you are thinking about the keys position the more your responses become slow. The lights help you to decide where you should type at the earliest opportunity.

In addition, you can custom every key individually. But we prefer zonal marking.

Key Rollers

If you are a music composer, video editor then Rollers key is the must-have weapon for you guys. In normal keyboards, for simultaneous key functions, you have to press multiple buttons at a time.

Do you want to keep this problem during your gaming situations? Of course not right, then what is solution. Gaming keyboards are manufactured to support the simultaneous key function (Known as “N key rollover”).

What Is The Best Gaming Keyboard?

Rainbow Backlit Keyboard With(MageGee)

104 Keys Full-Size Keyboard. Features standard keyboard layout with F-keys(function keys ) and number pad.

Adjustable stands offer your hands to type in a more comfortable typing position, which helps reduce hand fatigue. 

Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo

The K1 keyboard is designed with ergonomics, thus you can play with it without fatigue. 4 adjustable DPI (800, 1200, 2400, 3200). High-speed transmission technology makes it move faster and more accurately.


  • Full Size Keyboard, Plug
  • Colorful LED Backlight
  • Practical, And Ergonomic Design
  • Finer-resolution Mouse
  • Reliable Performance

Redragon S107 Gaming Keyboard and Mouse

USB Keyboard and Mouse Combo Plus Mouse Pad the Redragon S107 Gaming Essential includes a 104 key RGB LED Backlit Mechanical Feel Gaming Keyboard, an RGB LED Backlit Gaming Mouse and a Large Gaming Mouse Pad.

Redragon S107

Ergonomic Redragon Multi-Color RGB LED Backlit Computer Gaming Mouse with Breathing Mode. Up to 3200 DPI, 4000FPS, 10G ACC super-fast game engine 6 Buttons Gaming Mouse, 5 buttons of the Mouse are programmable.

Explore more options in the following section.


  • USB Keyboard and Mouse Combo Plus Mouse Pad
  • Ergonomic Redragon Multi-Color RGB LED Backlit
  • Redragon LED RGB Keyboard7 colors6 backlight effects4 backlight brightness levels
  • Gaming Mouse Pad Large Redragon Mouse Pad for Gaming, Waterproof washable, and easy to clean

BlueFinger RGB Gaming Keyboard

One of the most compatible gaming keyboards offers this type of feature. Fortunately, we have found this BlueFinnger RGB version.

It provides Scroll Lock to turn on / Off backlit the RGB Backlit. The 104 keys keyboard has rgb backlit function.

BlueFinger RGB Gaming Keyboard

All letters glow and never fade. This keyboard has a built-in steel plate, anti-fall; Durable 61inch USB braided wire.

Ergonomically Designed and Quality ABS construction; Durable 59inch USB braided wire.

4 Different LED breathing lights change automatically; DPI Adjustable.


  • Scroll Lock RGB Backlit
  • ABS constructional Ergonomically Designed Mouse
  • Smooth exquisite cloth on surface Mouse Pad
  • Never fade, and Glow 104 Keys With Backlit
  • Wider Compatibility (Windows XP/ VISTA/ Win 7/ Win 8/ Win 10/ Mac OS )

Want to See The Full Review, Check here.

Must-Known Questions For Gamers

Is Gaming Keyboard Worth It?

There is not rule for that but it increase your gaming performance as well as increase the gaming experience.

Do I Need An Expensive Gaming Keyboard?

You need a worthy durable, flexible gaming keyboard with the required features, If any keyboard offers all these features then go for it. But make sure gaming keyboards are not the best in quality if you are seeking extremely chief such as below $20.

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Well, hopefully, you will check the points before buying gaming keyboard. If you have anything to ask you can ask it in the comment section below.

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