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A surprise is waiting for you guys, Sony PlayStation 5 will be back in India today. Only video gamers will understand the value of the Sony Playstation 5.

In the box of Playstation, you have access of dynamics benefits. In the PS5 digital edition, you have access to Disc-less, blu-ray-equipped.

Sony also launching the midnight black and cosmic red colorways of the PS5 DuaSense wireless controller in India.

Here, we want to inform that Sony is allowing his customers to pre-order by the 5th restock of the console in India, and also the 3rd one for the digital version.

Hence, it can’t serve the large fan base in our country. Now, in the following passage, you would know how and when you can pre-order, pricing, and availability.

From Where We Can Pre-order Sony PS5 Restock

Today, customers can order pre-order at 12 noon. You can get both models on Amazon, Flipkart, Reliance Digital, Sony centre, Games The Shop, Vijay sales, Prepaid gamer cards.

Sony center stated that the varients may start shifting after 21st July due Covid-19. However, the other platforms have not declared any shipping dates.

Price Of PS5 Varients

As we have stated, there are two variants, the first one available in Rs. 39,990 that is PS5 Digital Edition and the other one is Blu-ray-equipped PS5 pricing Rs. 49,990.

PS5 Cosmic red DualSense, midnight black Price And Availability

Both models are listed on the official website of Sony, you can order them after 12 noon today.

Where midnight black variant will sell at Rs. 5,990 and the cosmic red variant of the DualSense controller will be available for Rs. 6,390.

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