How To Increase SpO2 Level Naturally?

If you are in a search of increasing your blood oxygen level naturally this page will guide you through a step-by-step process to achieve a sufficient Blood Oxygen Level.

On this page, we have shared a few processes that do not require any pills or artificial supplements.

Sitting Up Straight / Standing Up Straight 

Unstraight sitting positions are actually putting pressure on our lungs. This situation interrupted the normal inhale in our respiratory system. 

The same thing applies to “standing straight”. 

During walking or standing still one can significantly improve SpO2 level using a straight posture. The straight posture allows the lungs to breathe properly. 

Interestingly, one can increase SpO2 levels by practicing coughing. Yes, coughing can clear your airways. It loosens your secretions. 

But that means you should not cough all the time. It happens naturally. One can do it if he or she feels it is a natural need. 

Walking and Breathing Into Fresh Air 

Breathing outside, natural fresh air is one of the highly recommended techniques to boost your SpO2 level. If your daily schedule is in the indoor atmosphere, you can set a habit of at least 1-hour outdoor morning walk or jogging or running to gain some fresh air. 

Thus, your lungs can inhale some healthy air. 

However, if you live in a polluted area, then outdoor walking would be twice as toxic for your health. Extremely high or low atmosphere temperature polluted air would harm your respiration process. 

Therefore, be careful about where and when you should take an outdoor walk. 

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Drinking Water Meaningfully Increases SpO2 Level 

Biologically, hydration level is directly connected to SpO2 level. Drinking sufficient water not only increases SpO2 levels but it improves multiple body functions such as managing blood flow and temperature management.

Being hydrated means keeping the energy level high. Thus, you can feel the perfect day. Drinking water decreases your body and improved the overall immune system.


how does drinking water increases SpO2 level? 

We know, that the more we drink water the more our blood used to come in contact with Oxygen. 

When you are adequately hydrated your lungs become hydrated too. Hydrated lungs work well by dissolving Oxygen in the blood and Extracting CO2 during exhaling. 

Therefore, the overall SpO2 level improves significantly. 

How Much Water Should We Drink Per Day? 

According to Health Lines, drinking too much water disbalances the number of electrolytes in your body. But there are some specific healthy limits of drinking water per day. One can maintain the hydration level in their body by following the chart below. 

For more details about: Recommend Drinking Water Limits in various conditions, visit the link. 

Quit Smoking 

Smoking tobacco reduces the flexibility and power of Oxygen consumption in your lungs. One of the key reasons for Low blood oxygen levels is the lack of flexibility in lung tissue. 

What Happens In The Lungs When You Smoke? 

With each smoking, a smoker inhales more than 5000 chemical substances into their lungs. Substances like TAR, Formaldehyde, Nicotine, Benzene, Carbon monoxide, and so on. 

When a person smokes he or she allows a lot of internal damage. Smoking becomes a serious problem when it appears as an addiction.

During smoking, a person gets satisfaction in the brain nerves due to dopamine release. An element called Nicotine is responsible for dopamine secretion. 

However, smoking addiction harms the human body by allowing multiple harmful elements. Such as-

TAR is a resinous matter. It costs your teeth and gums; causing Decay, and damaging tooth enamel. Over the time period, smoking damages the nerve endings of the nose. 

During smoking one can increase the chances of COPD like Bronchitis, Emphysema, and so on. Smoking also damages Cilia. 

Note: Cilia is a hairlike structure in the airways that keeps the airways clean. 

After all the damage, finally your Alveoli become filled with toxic molecules. At this stage, the respiratory system disrupts to complete the process properly. 

Being filled with Pollutants molecules, Alviolie can not operate the process of respiration properly. It means your blood and tissues get insufficient Oxygen. 

As a result, the lungs can’t dissolve Oxygen in blood as much as required in an entire day. 

Therefore, quitting smoking is the best way to increase SpO2 levels. The time to improve your Lung health and quit smoking is now. 

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To quit smoking you can visit your personal physician or Smoke quitting clinical services. 

After quitting smoking, you can see a drastic improvement in blood oxygen saturation level. 

Deep Breathing 

Short and quick breathings are less effective than deep breathing to increase oxygen intake in the lungs.

That’s why deep breathing exercises such as belly breathing is an effective method to increase Spo2 level in your blood. 

Using deep breathing, a patient can improve blood circulation in the artery and vein. In the process, Alveoli function better that improve Carbon dioxide exhale and oxygen inhale. 

Here is a video that demonstrates:

how do breathing exercises for better oxygen saturation level?  

Use Indoor Plants

If you live in an area where outdoor air is not so healthy for your lungs, outdoor walks would not be healthy for you. 

In that case, you can decorate your rooms with indoor plants like Dragon trees, Spider plants, Snake plants, Peace Lily, etc. 

These indoor plants will turn the toxic atmosphere into healthy fresh room space. 

Scientifically, it has been seen that indoor air includes several harmful elements such as Asbestos, Carbon Monoxide (CO), Cookstoves, and so on. These elements are equally harmful as outdoor pollutants: CO2, Sulfur, Dust, Chlorofluorocarbon, etc. 

Hence, indoor plants are not a bad option to lead a healthy lifestyle. 

Try Prone Position 

One of the effective ways to increase SpO2 level is to follow the Prone position while sleeping. 

Don’t worry this is not a hard yoga pose that requires consistent practice. 

The prone position is a simple sleeping position that is used to increase Blood Oxygen Saturation levels naturally. Here, a patient lay on the chest by stretching the legs and hands side. 

Check the following video, where we have shown a step-by-step process to increase SPO2 levels during sleeping. 

Foods To Increase SpO2 Level 

Till now we talked about exercises, home plants, and drinking water to gain better oxygen saturation levels. But foods play a vital role in blood oxygen enhancement. 

There are several nutrients such as iron that can increase the amount of oxygen in the arterial blood. Iron makes hemoglobin. 

In red blood cells(RBC), hemoglobin is a protein that helps the red blood cells to carry oxygen throughout the body. 

Foods To Increase SpO2 Levels In Blood 

  1. Oranges 
  2. Coffee (Not highly recommended)
  3. Beans 
  4. Bananas 
  5. Garlic 
  6. Tomatoes 
  7. Carrots 
  8. Mushrooms 
  9. Soy 
  10. Salmon Fish 
  11. Whole Grains 

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Hope you have gotten to know: How to increase SpO2 Level Naturally?

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