New Solar Panel Invention Don’t Require Sunlight

Solar Panel Invention

Solar energy fascinates us when we heard that it could produce electricity. It solves all the problems of limited fuel storage. As we know Conventional energy is not a permanent solution. But the new Solar Panel Invention is a surprise for all of us.

Doubtlessly, Solar energy, wind energy, geothermal energy, Biomass Energy, and tidal energy will be the only sources of energy after the end of fossil fuel.

But if the weather becomes an obstacle for us. Non-Conventional energy is super useful but we had been facing difficulties to use these powers.

In the case of solar energy, we can’t generate a single watt of electric energy between cloudy-rainy days.

And this is the reason why non-conventional energies are not preferable for commercial purposes.

Solar Panel Settings Technique

Wait, here is not the end guys, we are smart we have the next-generation strategies.

Now, Solar panels produce energy without having the presence of Sun.

Curious people are instructed to continue the reading.

In the following paragraphs, we discuss- how we can produce energy without depending on the weather.

How Can Ehren Maigue Produce Solar Energy Without Having Shiny Sunlight?

At first, we would like to introduce Carvey Ehren Maigue, an electrical engineering student from the Philippines.

Being an inventor, Maigue is helping us with the concept- AuREUS (Aurora Renewable Energy And UV Sequestration). Maigue says,

“It takes ultraviolet light, and then after some time it would shed it as visible light”.

Technically, it customizes with a combination of organic luminescent particles that absorb UV light and convert it into visible light. After that solar film converts these lights into energy.

How Does This Advanced Solar Energy Production Works?

Well, weather intermittency has been one of the major problems for renewable energy production. And we can’t control clouds cover.

That’s why we are using something that’s presence is not dependent on cloud shelter. AuREUS helps us to utilize ultraviolet rays to produce new energy. Without sunny days, we can produce solar energy.

Soon, our windows, walls, and building exterior will be a new source of energy for us. When Maigue was trying it, he developed it by turning vegetable and fruit waste into luminescent material that converts UV light. After mixing it with resin, he lines it with solar film. With a glass-like panel, he created an amazing amount of electricity.

Window Glass For UV Ray Absorption

In addition, The prototype is a single 3-by-2-foot green and transparent window panel that produces enough wattage to charge two smartphones.


In the research department, everyone agreed that it is a solution of massive energy problems.

In The Last year, this invention was selected as a winner of the first James Dyson Sustainability Award (Comes with a $35,000 prize).

According to Tom Crawford,

“I would expect solar companies to be knocking at his door”

Future Scope Of The Invention

To secure our future, we have to take some essential inventions as a backup. In the beginning, solar energy was a solution for our future but AuREUS is one step ahead.

To scale up the energy production, Maigue proposed architects and designers create curved customization.

That will increase the amount of electricity within a minimum space. On the other hand, he is planning to design power-generating fabrics.

Maigue is super energetic about his project. He wants to give us a sense of renewable sources.

Not only physically but also he wants to put awareness in our psychology.

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