New Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 (May Miss Tizen OS)

New Samsung Galaxy Watch 4

A rumor has come up after the launching of the Samsung Galaxy S21. At the same time Galaxy Z, FoldS3, and Galaxy F Flip3. But this is the starter the main dish is waiting. But here is a new spice that comes with the new Samsung Galaxy Watch 4.

From an online news source, called Koren news publications MT. They revealed that the upcoming smartwatches will run on Wear OS.

Reason Why Samsung Choose Watch OS

Tizen OS will not be an option for these upcoming models. They have stated the reason also. Over time, customers were pointing out third-party uses.

Tizen OS does not allow us to use any third-party apps that’s the reason why Samsung is focusing on Wear OS.

Moreover, Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 is coming with simplicity. They are designing a traditional casual outlook.

People are expecting the Blood sugar monitoring feature but the report says the Galaxy Watch 4 does not include this feature.

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