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ASUS Collaborates With Intel 5G | Extreme Network Innovation

Many years ago, we were launching a gigantic telephone. After many years, many brands like ASUS collaborates with Intel 5G.  It’s time to feel the brand new experience of network speed and technology.  There are many other sources but why are we talking about ASUS 5G protocol.  Because they are implementing something new, and extraordinary.  […]

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Mi Electric Scooter pro 2 specifications

Mi Electronic Scooter Pro 2 Specifications (A Change In Vehicles)

Technology is greater than the other images. Mi is representing one of the greatest handy gadget companies in the Indian market. Now, it’s time to taste a brand new facility called Mi Electronic Scooter pro 2 specifications. When smartphone brands launch something unique how do people react? What are the best aspects that people are […]

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Multi-Dimensional Sony SoundBars That You May Want Now

Multi-Dimensional Sony SoundBars That You May Want Now

You may have experienced sounds on the microphone, Home theater, earphones, headphones, and so on. But you have the access to feel the brand new sound feel in multiple dimensions. With the help of multi-dimensional Sony soundbars, you can feel the next generational sound effects. Are you ready to feel the thrill? From, video games […]

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Accessories For Smart Home Decoration

Top 10 Accessories For Smart Home Decoration

If you are curious about home decoration then here are the best resources for you guys. We are sharing one of the best accessories for Smart home decoration. Here we are representing the products within your budget and also in high quality. Let’s check what’s suitable for you. Now, if you are new to our […]

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Use Laptop Without Turn On It

Can You Use Laptops Without Turn On It? (Exceptional Feature)

In our smart world, now we have are not using watches but smartwatches. After the end of every year, we face a lot of improvements in our gadgets and accessories. Yesterday, we have found something unique and interesting that we want to share with you. Now, you can use laptops without turn on it. How […]

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Real-time Portal

Can You Imagine Science Fiction Is Now Reality? | The Real-Time Portal

Once, science fiction was an imagination for us but we have to realize that time has changed. We living in an age where superhero’s like Tony Start, Bruce banner create awesome inventions. Then real-time is a small thing for us. We could expect the most advanced Iron Man suit before 2050. What’s happened? Is that […]

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Palm Payment Technology

Amazon Allows You To Payment With Your Palm: Palm Payment Technology

We are enhancing our security day by day. Amazon palm payment technology allows you to pay with the help of your palm. We were able to pay with credit cards, QR Codes, and also fingerprints. But the Palm payment system is unique at this point of view. Amazon is focused on highly secure hardware and […]

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Prosthetic Mouse

Brand New Invention For Handless People: Prosthetic Mouse

Technology smooths our daily life but some inventions get our attention emotionally. Now, Prosthetic Mouse allows handless people to use a computer mouse. Human Engineering Research Laboratories (HERL), Collaborative between the University of Pittsburgh and VA Pittsburgh Healthcare System. They research the various type of instruments including 3-D Printers, wheelchairs, advanced manufacturing devices, prostheses, and […]

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Chest Diseases

Diagnose Chest Diseases By A Pocket-Device (Handy Solution)

Nowadays, Chest diseases are increasing rapidly. Asthma, Pleural Effusion, Lung Cancer, Emphysema are extremely harmful to our health. Thanks to, Dr. Rajesh Palani (a Bangaluru-based private medical Practioner) has developed a pocket device to diagnose chest diseases. With the help of a single hand, it works diagnostic methods. According to the doctor, this device does […]

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Solar Panel Invention

New Solar Panel Invention Don’t Require Sunlight

Solar energy fascinates us when we heard that it could produce electricity. It solves all the problems of limited fuel storage. As we know Conventional energy is not a permanent solution. But the new Solar Panel Invention is a surprise for all of us. Doubtlessly, Solar energy, wind energy, geothermal energy, Biomass Energy, and tidal […]

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