Mobile Game Coming Soon As “Battlegrounds Mobile India” | Similar To PUBG

Battlegrounds Mobile India

After banned PUBG, Indian gamers were so much disappointed but we have some good news for you guys. You may have heard about the new PUBG Mobile game that will launch very soon. Is that PUBG? Now recently, A South Korean Developer has announced a new game called “Battleground Mobile India” that looks very similar to the original PUBG Mobile game.

BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA will release with exclusive in-game events like outfits and features and will have its own esports ecosystem with tournaments and leagues,”

Krafton says in a press statement. The company is planning to integrate the esports ecosystem into the content of the game. However, more details will publish later.

Developers are implementing special changes for Indian Market. Such as-

  • The blood color will not red in color but green
  • They are adding more interesting charecters
  • A virtual simulation training

They have do their best to maintain the privacy rights. Eventually, they said that it will work with parents that indicates the security and data protection.

Release Date Of Battleground Mobile India
Still, they have not told the exact date but after the complete approval, it will available in the apple store as well as the play store.

Data and Source Provided By: The Indian Express

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