Mi Electronic Scooter Pro 2 Specifications (A Change In Vehicles)

Mi Electric Scooter pro 2 specifications

Technology is greater than the other images. Mi is representing one of the greatest handy gadget companies in the Indian market.

Now, it’s time to taste a brand new facility called Mi Electronic Scooter pro 2 specifications. When smartphone brands launch something unique how do people react?

What are the best aspects that people are going to get from Mi? On this page, we are going to share all the Mi scooters of Mi Scooter Pro 2.

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Mi Electric Scooter Pro 2 Specifications

One of the killer specifications are the following-

  1. Travel Upto 45Km distance
  2. Maximum speed at 25km/h
  3. 300W powerful motor
  4. 20% incline climb

Easy Folding Design

The most annoying situation is when you can’t manage your scooter after using it. No problem, the Mi scooter allows you to fold it easily within few minutes.

Double Breaking, And Pneumatic Tires

You can stop safely at anywhere any angle. Here the scooter is designed with a double-breaking system. Hence, use your break with confidence.

Moreover, the tires are made with advanced Pneumatic tires. It gives extra friction to the ground surface.

Do you want to get demo video of the Scooter?

In that case, you go and explore Mi Home. There you can find the best demographics of the scooter.

Now, tells us your opinion about Mi electronic scooter pro 2 specifications. Don’t forget to share your reviews if you have already used them practically.

Substitute Products

GIGAGLITZ Electric Scooter

Mi Electronic Scooter Pro 2 Specifications alternative

Hopefully, you have enjoyed the green software foundation and its future initiatives.

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