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Cool Gadgets For PC users

Top 5 Useful And Cool Gadgets For PC Users

We are surrounded by gadgets. We used to various electronics gadgets for our home, office, drawing rooms and so on. But have you bought any cool gadgets for PC? Yes! after the pandemic we have become more health-conscious than before, probably you are talking fitness tips with a highly vegetarian diet, or maybe you have […]

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OnePlus With Apple Air Tag

The Branded War Is Coming | OnePlus Against Apple Air Tag

For the last 2 years, Smart Tag is performing well. People love to use this type of feature. Recently, a rumor is flying that the OnePlus against Apple Air Tag rival may organize soon. With the advantages of the technical integration of a smart tag, we can track our lost or stolen items. To tell […]

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Xiaomi has received a Patent

Is It True That Xiaomi Has Received A Patent?

Is it true that Xiaomi has received a Patent? Well, every year Xiaomi tries to innovate a lot of features in their gadgets. Previously, Xiaomi implements several features in their gadgets. But those were not applicable in the commercial devices. Recently, we have found a website in China that says, there is a patent to […]

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Twitter Ban

Is Twitter Ban Confirmed? (Bad News For Twitter Users)

The Twitter ban is difficult to accept for Indian citizens. There are several famous social platforms in the Indian atmosphere (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat) but Twitter is the place where most engaged people live. Thanks to the Twitter algorithm that they have given such a platform where we can develop a discussion. After the announcement […]

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Sunder Pichai Says About IT rule

Do you What Sunder Pichai Says About IT Rule India?

Since February, the Indian government was talking about social media, OTT securities. Social platforms are firmly instructed to reestablish their term and condition about end-to-end encryption. But Here we going to know what Sunder Pichai Says About IT rule in India? Last week a trending topic appears to call a social media ban. But what […]

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Battlegrounds Mobile India

Mobile Game Coming Soon As “Battlegrounds Mobile India” | Similar To PUBG

After banned PUBG, Indian gamers were so much disappointed but we have some good news for you guys. You may have heard about the new PUBG Mobile game that will launch very soon. Is that PUBG? Now recently, A South Korean Developer has announced a new game called “Battleground Mobile India” that looks very similar […]

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