Is Web 3.0 A Real Concept On Internet? (Know The Reality)

Is Web 3.0 A Real Concept On Internet

In the last 10 years, the internet has changed rapidly. The majority of the world is taking full advantage of the internet. Suddenly, a controversy came, is Web 3.0 a Real Concept?

As internet users, we know nothing about the internal mechanisms of the internet. There is a big world inside the web. Today, we will know what does it actually means by Web 3.0?

What Was Web 1.0, Web 2.0?

At the beginning stage of the internet, it was just a static where people just read. The read-only types of pages include some hyperlink that refers a user to another read-only static page.

Basically, users can’t do any activities on the internet except reading. That was the formation of the internet from 1990 to 2000.

After that Web 2.0 has come with a much more advanced version. From 2000 to till now we are living in Web 2.0 internet, where different web hosting and service providers used to give us different kind of facilities such as entertainment, education, shopping, and also businesses and instead they take our personal details.

And we gave them to enjoy the service from a particular App or website. Using these data, brands like Facebook, Google, Twitter show us preferable content and sell the data to advertisers.

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They know some data that you have given them, and also you haven’t. Your personal email, or phone number, interests, hobbies are directly given to those brands.

But they even know that you were in a vegetable shop a few hours ago, they know last Saturday you have to go to the most famous restaurant in your locality.

Even sometimes they know something about you that you don’t know such as you may going to be a father but Facebook knows that before you do. Now, it’s supposed to come the Web 3.0.

What Is Web 3.0?

There are so many complex theories on the topic around Web 3.0 but I am trying my best to describe the matter as easily as possible. DAO – Decentralized Autonomous Organization has decided to use another bunch of rules, and protocols for internet users.

Technically, you can order or watch something on the internet but as the owner of your account. It seems that you will have a hidden wallet or section to use the internet according to your requirements.

Will It Establish On Internet As A Thumb Rule?

Look, this is still a concept, and the whole internet business depends on this data and information.

Think about it what will happen if Google can’t collect data from the internet on how it will run the business, thousands of creators work on the platform to create content that solves people’s problems, also used as a form of entertainment.

No e-commerce platform like Amazon can continue its business without data. The revenue of the business will fall down 70-80 percent. Now, the question is then how these brands will serve people.

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