Is Social Media Ban Really Happening?

social media ban

Indian youths are worried about the social media ban probabilities. 

The Majority of entertainment is relying on these platforms. 

Social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and OTP platforms like Netflix were in top supervision of IT sections of the Indian government. 

What Does The  Indian Government Want From Social And OTT platforms? 

From 25th February 2021, the Indian government announced that all social media platforms must comply with the new rules of IT rules. 

After that big social media companies responded that they would focus on the current safety requirements of the Indian Government. 

In the IT rules, the Indian government reordered to implement end-to-end encryption on social messages. 

In addition, they want to focus on the content patterns on every social platform. 

As a result, What’s App was under tremendous pressure however Facebook has complied to focus on the IT rules. 

Hence the question is-

Will The Social Platform Ban In India? 

Not certainly, According to the IT act of section 79, It operates the protection to the social media companies and streaming services by making them “Intermediaries”. 

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That means those who are Denying the completion of new IT rules will lose the protection. 

Data and source: BGR

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Hopefully, the social media ban will not be going to be as serious as we assuming  

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