Is Battleground Mobile India Similar To PUBG?

Battleground Mobile India Similar To PUBG

We all are waiting for around 9 months. Now the question is Battleground Mobile India Similar To PUBG? Or there will have something different.

All Indian Pubg fans are ready with curiosity to play Pubg again as Battlegrounds Mobile India Which will take re-entry soon into the Indian market.

Pre-registrations for Battlegrounds Mobile India started on 18 May 2021, which is dubbed as an Indian version of PUBG Mobile India.

Frankly speaking, Krafton is a South Korean video game holding company based in Seongnam.

He says the game will remain exclusive to the Indian subcontinent.

Is Battleground Mobile India Is Similar To PUBG Mobile?

The proposed launch of the Battlegrounds Mobile India announcement has also sparked several speculations from several popular gamers.

For example, a YouTube content creator is claiming that From Pubg Mobile Game, the inventories can bring to all Battleground mobile India Players.

But several other sources told IGN (Imagine Games Network) India that this may not happen.

Noteably, Krafton is yet to make any official announcement on this matter.

On the other hand, Several reports also claimed that the rumor about Battlegrounds Mobile India.

It is allowing players to transfer their in-game items from PUBG Mobile is not true at all.

As it is can’t be denied the fact that transferring data from PUBG Mobile to Battlegrounds Mobile India is considering a huge task for Krafton.

Furthermore, Krafton is unwilling to work jointly with Tencent as it was the Chinese origin of Tencent which forced the Indian government to ban PUBG Mobile in September 2020.

It is disappointing to many PUBG veterans that would find to let go of years worth of in-game cosmetics.

Krafton may come up with a few in-game perks for long-time PUBG enthusiasts.

But it is highly unlikely that the entire inventory transfer will take place undoubtedly.

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