How To Use Fossil Smartwatch App? (Start To End Guidance)

How To Use Fossil Smartwatch App

If you are using Fossil Smartwatch then you must know how to use Fossil smartwatch app? As a watch lover, we can say that Fossil has the ability to give you smartness with elegance.

Fossil is twice focused on both gender accessories- Fossil watch for men, and Fossil women watches are world wide famous.

After taking a Fossil Smartwatch your first task is to install the App of Fossil. After that you have to connect the app with your Fossil watch thus you can track and monitor your activities.

Here we are talking about the fossil Hybrid Smartwatches App that is recommended by Official Fossil.

There is also another Fossil Fitness App called Fossil Q Legacy, we will discuss the uses of this app later.

Fossil Hybrid Smartwatch App allows us to track steps, calories, sleep, other pre-set goals, and so on. In addition, you can customize the watch’s date, time, music playlist, fitness goals.

Well, Let’s dive into the main topic where we will the step-by-step process to use the Fossil Hybrid application.

  1. Fossil App Installation Process
  2. Profile Setup
  3. Settings
  4. Understand The App Interface

Fossil App Installation Process

Fossil Hybrid App is easy to find and install. If you using iOS-based then go to the Apple App store and for the android Google store Play store. After that-

  • Go to the search bar of you app store and type Fossil Hybrid App
  • And Then Click On “Fossil Hybrid Smartwatches, Fossil Group, inc.
  • Then tap on the install button
  • After installing the app, click on open
  • At last log in the using email/facebook/google
  • The App is initially ready to use
Sign Up In Fossil App

Most time we prefer to use email but now with google play protection, you are safe to log in via Facebook or Google. It will set up your Profile photo and Name automatically.

Sign Up on Fossil App Using Google or Facebook

Profile Setup

At the first step, you have to set up your profile to get personalized data for your health.

Profile setup in fossil App

To set up the profile in Fossil App in-

  • Go to the profile section of the section at the right bottom corner
  • Select The Profile Section
  • And Click On Edit icon
  • And Fill Your Details such as- First name, last name, gender, height, weight
  • At last click on save


Before using the Fitness App you need to pre-set all the settings below the profile section. Here are mainly 5 sections in the settings tab.

  1. Set goals
  2. Preffered Units
  3. Connected App
  4. OPT In
  5. Help

Set Goals

In the goal settings section, you will get 4 categories as- Steps, Calories, Sleep, and Number of goal tracking.

Now, you can set your targets and set the ultimate goals.

set goals in your fossil app

Preffered Units

Set your preferred units. There are mainly four parameters height, weight, distance, and temperature. Set your routine and estimations.

Connected Apps, OPT IN, And Help Section

At the connected app section, you can connect other apps like google fits. And at last, you have OPT and help section, to query and notifications.

Understand The App Interface

Well, all the setup is completed now, it’s time to understand the interface. In the bottom section, you can see 5 different sections. Home, challenge, customization, alerts, and Profile.

Now, let’s discuss how to operate the home section in Fossil App?

In the home section, you can track the results of steps, calories, sleep, and goal settings.

Understand The Home Interface Of Fossil

In the challenge section, you can set your challenge. And the customize section you can customize your Fossil watch’s date, time, and goals.

In the alert section, you can get notified with important reminders and notifications.

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