How To Send A Full WhatsApp Chat To Someone Safely

How To Send A Full WhatsApp Chat

Unlikely but we have to need our chats for some exceptional purposes, you know it’s not wired if you need a whole chat history to be sent. In that case, you must seek how to send a full WhatsApp chat? Okay, we understand some features on any application are easy to use but some seem miserable.

However, sending a whole CHAT to someone is a quick and easy process. Let’s know it within 3 minutes of quick reading.

To use this feature you must have logged in to the app with your preferred WhatsApp Number. Then you can send access to the chat officially. Make sure you follow the small steps carefully, otherwise there might have a chance to lose the whole chat history forever.

Sending A Full WhatApp Chat To Someone

  1. Open The App
  2. Click And Open The Prefered Chat
  3. Click On The 3-Dot button at the top right corner
  4. Click On More And Select Export Chat
  5. Send

Open The App

At first, open WhatsApp and Log In with your mobile number. The number must be your current one from where you want to take the history of the chat.

Click And Open The Prefered Chat

After that click on the preferred WhatsApp chat profile row and open the chat.

Click On The 3-Dot Button At The Top Right Corner

Then you could see the 3-dot button at the right-hand corner, click on it. There will be a list drop-down.

Click On More And Select Export Chat

From the drop-down menu choose the more option,

Opening More Section On WhatsApp

and then click on export chat.

Opening export chat Section On WhatsApp

Wait this is not the end, a pop-up will appear on the screen with the option.

  • Export Chat With Media
  • Export Chat Without Media
choosing final steps on exporting files On WhatsApp

You can only export along with 30 media files, more files are not supported in single exportation. But you can choose the whole textual conversation from a chat history.


At last, you can send the file to anyone via email, another WhatsApp user, Save to Google Drive, etc.

Sending WhatsApp Chat Via Different Sharing Options

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