How To Identify Fake Apps In Play Store? Buyers-Value

Identify fake Apps in playstore

Apps have become one of the useful accessories for us but recently play store has been filled with fake apps. These apps are harmful to your phone.

That’s why you need to identify fake apps in the play store. Otherwise, your device and security may be harmed by malware now, the question of how we can identify fake apps.

In the following passage, we will show you the step-by-step process to identify the real and fake apps in the play store. 

Description and Reviews

Before clicking the install button you need to check the app description and explanations properly. Here you need to pay attention to spelling, grammar, and so on.

On the other hand, you can simply search the reviews on Google and other search engines about that app. Hopefully, the top results will be helpful for you. 

Check The Web Version Of The App

Web app versions are not so easy to copy, it requires a lot of technical knowledge to create a website. If the web app looks unprofessional then you must try something else.

However, most fake apps do not have web app versions. 


This is the place where you can clearly see the total number of people who installed the app and the review out of 5 stars also.

Generally, we suggest installing apps if it only holds above 3.5 ratings. And also the total installation must be over 1000.

Publish Date 

The publish date is truly crucial because it shows the age of the installation. Recently, published apps are not safe to use. At least 6 months would be a safe level to use a brand new app. 

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