How Microsoft Is Planning Green Software Foundation

Green Software Foundation

Now, tech giants are taking initiative for environmental care. In the last few decades, we have organized many nature-saving steps such as Agenda-21, reduce global warming, green tech city. Recently, Microsoft, GitHub, Accenture, ThoughtWorks is collaborating with Linux to launch a nature initiative called Green Software Foundation.

Once, we were enjoying nature but now we enjoy something else that’s why our planet is in danger. Probably, the upcoming next 10 years will bring some of the worst conditions in global warming to our environment.

We look more closely then we can see that every tech company took a huge amount of energy source.

As result, they emit a lot of carbon dust, Carbon-di-oxide, slap her, and so on. It costs high for our nature. Well, in that situation some foundation is caring for our planet with a creative approach.

What Is Green Software foundation Actually?

Green Software Foundation is a nonprofit global nature initiative by Microsoft, GitHub, Accenture, ThoughtWorks with Linux foundation. It’s a step to make a trusted ecosystem for our future.

The project refers to many reasons to collaborate but the main focus is to build sustainability for our future. From Carbon emissions to power saving, all are part of this project.

Microsoft has stated that the data centers used to take 1% of the energy of global power production, in 2030 it might be 2%-3%. Hence, it’s their responsibility to take care of nature.

In that case, Mike Dolan, general manager and senior vice president, the Linux Foundation, said

“The software industry and open source software community have both the opportunity and

ability to build digital infrastructure with the least possible impact to our environment.

We are happy to support the Green Software Foundation and

its mission to build a neutral ecosystem for collaboration on standards, tooling, and best practices for green software.”

Main Purpose Of The Green Software Foundation

Green Software Industry Standards Establishments

Companies will make a discipline of green software management across various computing companies. The whole group will encourage the governments towards the policy of creating consistent green software emissions.

Drive Awareness And Grow Advocacy

Meanwhile, the main objective of the foundation is to spread awareness through campaigns, training, education. Because to build a green software tech environment, we need people who are experts at particular skills.

Acceleration In Innovation

To grow in the technical aspects we need to grow our environment. Without having a great ecosystem, we will probably lose everything we have.

Therefore, it’s our responsibility is to care about our nature.

Data and Source Provided By: Microsoft

Hopefully, you have enjoyed the green software foundation and its future initiatives.

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