How Cybersecurity Is Affected By Covid-19 In 2021

Cyber Security Is Affected

People have been affected in every field after the pandemic situation. Even cybersecurity is affected by covid-19. From Silicon Valley to Singapore, we all are affected.

Software companies like Microsoft are tackling the services cybersecurity issues in their management.

Microsoft Chief Information Security Officer quoted Microsoft risk management council and redirected to management the covid crisis.

The council is focusing on mainly four parts to recover from the disaster-

Types Disasters

  • Planned Acts (Ex:- Weather Storms)
  • Unplanned Acts (Ex:- Such as natural disasters)
  • illegal Attacks
  • Pandemics

Typically, Cyberattacks fall into illegal attacks. During this pandemic, opportunistic campaigns people used to feel unsafe by social engineering vulnerability. According to Microsoft’s official blog,

The number of phishing scams hasn’t changed much…

the approach has shifted to mimicking health information sites, and other pandemic-related scams.

Moreover, being lockdown people are working from home as a result, attacks occurring to desktop.

To know more, you can listen to the podcast of Afternoon Cyber Tea with Ann Johnson. The official platforms are Apple podcast, PodcastOne, and CISO Spotlight Page.

Hence, it’s the situation of the security system, what do you think- why cybersecurity is affected by covid-19? Leave your valuable opinion in the comment below.


Microsoft Green Software Foundation:

Now, tech giants are taking initiative for environmental care. In the last few decades, we have organized many nature-saving steps such as Agenda-21, reduce global warming, green tech city.

Recently, Microsoft, GitHub, Accenture, ThoughtWorks is collaborating with Linux to launch a nature initiative called Green Software Foundation.

Once, we were enjoying nature but now we enjoy something else that’s why our planet is in danger.

Probably, the upcoming next 10 years will bring some of the worst conditions in global warming to our environment.

Green Software Foundation

We look more closely then we can see that every tech company took a huge amount of energy source.

As result, they emit a lot of carbon dust, Carbon-di-oxide, slap her, and so on. It costs high for our nature. Well, in that situation some foundation is caring for our planet with a creative approach.

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